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History of
"Sabah Times"

The New Sabah Times traces back its beginnings to 1949 when it was founded by Sabah’s first Chief Minister then known as Donald Stephens. Before his active foray into politics, Mr Stephens joined the North Borneo News as a reporter. He saw a need for a good newspaper and subsequently established Sabah Times. It quickly became a household name and was so popular that the name Sabah Times was a generic description for newspapers. Even now in certain isolated parts of Sabah, the name is still cited when the speaker means newspaper.

Mr Stephens eventually became Chief Minister when North Borneo gained independence from the British and became known as Sabah. He was later awarded the nation’s highest title of "Tun" in recognition of his service.

Led by Tun Mohd Fuad Stephens and managed by a team of professionals and journalists of the highest calibre, Sabah Times attracted a loyal following that continues until today.

Birth of "New Sabah Times"

Sabah Times was given a new lease of life on 8 March 1998 putting an end to a dark chapter in its existence after the publication of the paper stopped on 24 March 1995. It was bought over by the publishing company Inna Kinabalu Sdn Bhd and to signify a change from the old management, the newspaper was henceforth named New Sabah Times, still incorporating the old identity but giving it a new image.

Since then, our emergence has been well received by the general public who appreciate the impartial style of journalism advocated by New Sabah Times. Over a short period of time, New Sabah Times regained momentum in the local newspaper market and is one of the fastest growing newspapers in Sabah.

Fortified by a dedicated team of 130 employees, New Sabah Times is focused on one goal and that is to offer the highest level of service to all its customers. With its pool of highly trained journalists and editors, New Sabah Times endeavours to achieve superior standards of quality.

As it goes from strength to strength, New Sabah Times forges ahead to become the largest circulating publication in Sabah. We accept the challenges of being in an increasingly dynamic market environment and are confident that we will be able to overcome any obstacle that crosses our path.

Although we resurfaced in the world of journalism amidst a period of economic turmoil, we managed to stay afloat and overcame challenges to become a fierce competitor to other established newspapers in Sabah.