Government may not implement FWCMS, MYeg – PAPPAS



KOTA KINABALU: The Association of Foreign Worker Hiring Agencies (PAPPAS) has suggested that the government may not implement the Foreign Workers Centralised Management System (FWCMS) and the My Electronic Government (MYeg) service. They will also prevent any company from monopolising the application and renewals of foreign workers’ passes, especially in Sabah.

Its president, Anthony Leong said this during the association’s annual dinner recently and added that the implementation of such systems in Peninsular Malaysia has received negative feedbacks from both of the hiring agencies and employers of foreign workers.

“The agencies and employers there have faced delays in authorisation as well as difficulties throughout the application processes.

“The problem is even more evident for the employers who are residing in the rural areas where they have a lack of access to internet, rendering it difficult to apply or renew foreign worker passes,” Anthony said.

He added that a centralised system has taken many employers time and they thought that much time could be saved if the process of hiring foreign workers is done by the private sector.

Anthony also said that PAPPAS has helped the state government for more than 20 years and any termination of service in favour of the FWCMS or Myeg would have negative impacts on the businesses of PAPPAS member agencies.

“The whole process of hiring foreign workers will also be at stake because there might be bad cases such as cheating involving both of employer and worker because there would no longer be any protection or monitoring from the government.

“Currently, all agencies are registered with the National Security Council and this would enable the government to monitor the process of hiring foreign workers,” he added.

He urged the government to care for the plight of the PAPPAS member agencies especially during this precarious economic state.

“Should the government proceed, many of us would face difficulties especially now with these tough economic times,” he said.

Also present during the annual dinner were State Immigration Department Director Musa Sulaiman and National Registration Department (NRD) Director Datuk Ismail Ahmad.

New Sabah Times