Protect Pekida’s nation building image


KOTA KINABALU: Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (Pekida Malaysia) has called on its leaders and members in Sabah to constantly strive to uphold and safeguard its image as a non-political organisation, whose sole purpose is to safeguard the position of Islam and to protect the nation’s interests and sovereignty.

Urging this was Pekida Malaysia’s Acting President Hj Jamaluddin B. Yusof, during a meeting with some 80 members from various parts of Sabah, at a leading hotel here yesterday.

Jamaluddin was referring to the abuse of its logo by a certain irresponsible Pekida members in the past.

Also present at the occasion was its newly-appointed Sabah Liaison Committee Chairman Dr Datu Mohd Akjan Datu Ali Muhammad and several of its Supreme Council members like Yussof B. Lahir and Zulkafli Idris.

Jamaluddin also stressed that Pekida’s existence was not to create trouble or go against anybody but, to contribute towards nation building in a moderate and proper approach.

“We are not a radical group… our chief aim is to help the Government to create a united, peaceful and harmonious Malaysian society through the promotion of a peaceful and harmonious coexistence of Malaysians of various races and religious beliefs. We are all for a peaceful and harmonious development of our nation.

“Hence, it is paramount that our members should always practice tolerance and mutual respect for others, especially to those who are non Muslims. This is also inline with the concept of Islam Hadari (civilised Islam) which our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is strongly advocating,” he reiterated.

He continued that the other role of Pekida is to carry out socio-economic and charity programs to assist its members to live life according to the teaching of Islam.

Besides this, it is also helping the Government to monitor and combat social ills among the youths in the country, especially on the aspect of drug addiction.

During his speech earlier, he urged its leaders and members in Sabah to be constantly wary of those who attempt to spread deviated Islamic teaching which could ultimately undermine the position of Islam.

He also called on them to be always prepared to adopt the spirit of ‘Jihad’ to safeguard the position of Islam when such position is being threatened.

He stressed that such was crucial in order to prevent what happened in Muslim countries like Palestine, Iraq, Bosnia and etc, from happening to Malaysia.

He also hoped Pekida Sabah could become a role model for its counterparts in the other states in future.

“We will fix a date for the official launch of Pekida Sabah once all the committees in the various districts in Sabah are better organised,” he said.

Meanwhile, during his speech Dr Akjan pledged to do his level best to carry out Pekida’s struggles and programs in the best interest of its members, the state and the country.

He also appealed to its members in the state not to hesitate to provide him with ideas and suggestions on how to better achieve its agendas.

Incepted on May 10, 1983 Pekida Malaysia currently has an estimated membership of 70,000 nationwide, with Sabah having close to 2,000 members.

New Sabah Times