DITAN donates RM8,000 to Taman Didikan Kanak-kanak Kurang Upaya Sembulan


KOTA KINABALU: DITAN Charity Association yesterday presented a donation of RM8, 000 to Taman Didikan Kanak-Kanak Kurang Upaya Sembulan (TDKKU) to run the facility.

A representative from DITAN, Lydwina Ingihon presented aid to the TDKKU board of the visitors’ representative, Jamila Bosimin.

DITAN Manager, Mei Lo said that DITAN has been focusing on little well known orphanages and special care shelters for less fortunate persons who need funding more than others as they are not too well known.

“Apart from being funded by the government, most of this home’s funding comes from public,” she said at the aid handing over ceremony at the facility here, yesterday.

She said, the establishment of TDKKU is to provide shelter and care towards the underprivileged children with disabilities.

“They are helping these special children to achieve and excel with their maximum potential so that they can become someone who can contribute to the society.

“Their objective is to assist and train the children to live daily life as normal as possible,” she said.

Currently, the shelter accepts underprivileged children below 14 with disabilities and has 24 residents.

Meanwhile, the person in charge of TDKKU, Sarina Bukut said that the home opened its doors in 1975.

Among the services provided are music therapy, washroom training, basic skills, playing educational toys and sensory integration.

She said, 98 per cent of the residents are bedridden but they are undergoing physiotherapy training to build strength and maximize their independence.

“Most of these children need round-the-clock care and 15 of them in permanent custody. Some of them are abandoned or left behind by their parents in hospitals,” she said.

“The donations from the public and NGOs mean so much for the children. Apart from the daily expenses, we also organise some outings to Poring Hot Springs and it requires high expenses such as transportation and accommodation,” she added.

Additionally, Sarina also said that she wanted to see equal opportunities and full participation of people with disabilities in the community especially in education as some of them may look disabled but they are smart.

She also stressed that there are many children with disabilities that do not have the opportunity to obtain early childhood education due to the absence and lack of pre-schools accepting them.

She also believes that there are reasons and messages behind their presence among us that the people need to take a lesson from it.

“Looking at them playing, smiling and laughing is like therapy to me. I’m happy to be with them because they inspired me.

“They may look physically disabled but they have feelings just like every one of us and they need us to help them,” she said.

DITAN Charity Association KK carries with a motto ‘Pay it forward, the first mile to inspire caring and progressive communities’ and was formed in 2008. It focuses on education, poverty, religion, medication and any other that aspects will benefit the community.

This association also provides a long established acupuncture service in three locations at Penampang new township, Penampang Blue 7 building and Sandakan Tiara building. At fee of RM10 per treatment, the acupunctural service is intended to make available to the low income earners of the country for medical relief, regardless of the type of sickness, age, race and religion.

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