Centre Point strictly controlling mall's entrances and exits


KOTA KINABALU: The management of Centre Point Sabah has been taking strict steps to control the mall’s entrances and exit.

“Following the updated standard operating procedures (SOP) issued by the Malaysian National Security Council (NSC) on 6th August, the management of Centre Point Sabah is taking the drastic step to control the mall entrances and exit.

“This is for the safety of the mall patrons and shoppers as well as to curb the spread of COVID-19,” Deputy General Manager of Centre Point Sabah, Megan Liu said.

In view of this, since May 10, the management of Centre Point Sabah has opened five mall entrances and exits, including the main City Parade entrance.

Moreover, the management of Centre Point Sabah had invested more than RM10,000 to purchase the newest hi-tech temperature screening devices and placing them at the mall entrances, to be used by the in-house security to check temperature of public passing through the entrance.

At present, the public entry from the City Parade main entrance has shown an increase of 85% compared to during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

Megan added that City Parade is part of Centre Point Sabah, where the whole shopping mall is connected to each other.

Therefore, any public that enters the mall through the other four entrances can also be accessible to enter the City Parade on the ground floor.

She also emphasised that it has been less than two years since the management took over the City Parade.

“I understand that the pandemic outbreak has caught everyone by surprise, and is affecting everyone, especially the business owners.

“In order to assist them to overcome the difficulties, the management took the initiatives in reducing the management fees by 15% for 3 months.”

Moreover, the management also paid the business owners’ sales and service tax (SST) for the whole year of 2019. Additionally, other management’s initiatives also include the renovation of the City Parade toilets, which will be scheduled to commence by the end of this year 2020; to improve other public facilities; and to implement adequate safety preventive measures.

“The management will look into the complaint statement by a certain business owner of City Parade, which was published in one of the local’s newspapers on August 11.

“One of the statements pointed out, “...opening the side entrances would not be a big problem if the SOPs were conducted at these entrances, such as getting temperatures recorded and proper sanitizing…”, such an absurd statement will disregard the SOP issued by NSC on controlling the mall entrances and exit.

“Therefore, the management will not violate the government’s SOP for the sake of everyone’s safety and also to curb the spreading of COVID-19,” she said.

Besides that, Megan also said that one of the statements published regarding “...inaccessible entry from outside to the mall”, is completely misleading and inconsistent with the current facts.

“The management hopes that the newspaper media group can produce unbiased and neutral reports.

“They should look into the matter of respecting and publicising the good effort done by any shopping mall’s management in implementing the SOP of preventive measures.

“This is not only for the reputation of the management of Centre Point Sabah, but also for the other shopping malls’ management too.”

Looking at the current situation, Megan urged shoplot owners to adapt to the new global norm of facing the new challenges in the market.

Shoplot owners should revisit their business continuity plans, rather than pressuring the management for their own personal convenience and benefit, to risk the safety of our community and value of the shopping mall.

Furthermore, the management also hopes that business owners remain patient and continue to provide full cooperation in order to ensure that their safety and the safety of our public mall shoppers are guaranteed.

At the same time, the Marketing team of Centre Point Sabah is willing to provide free promotions and marketing services for the business owners through the #CPGoLive online promotion from the mall’s Facebook page platform.

“This is another of the management’s initiatives to help business owners to boost up their sales revenue through online.

“Thus, the preventive measures will continue to be implemented until the epidemic ends or any latest announcement by the government,” she concluded.

By :
New Sabah Times