Pui Gin Kindergarten kids also get a taste of tennis


SANDAKAN: It was the turn of 6-year-old kids from Pui Gin Kindergarten to get a taste of tennis when Kelab Tenis Remaja Sandakan (KTRS) recently held their official launching of their fifth year of joint cooperation with the kindergarten to teach kids elementary tennis.

The lessons had actually started earlier in the year.

“Although we have good coaches to implement our programme, it was still a good learning experience for us to fine-tune and adapt basic teaching methods to suit local conditions. Obviously different situations call for different needs and, throughout the last few years, we have made adjustments accordingly,” noted KTRS President Taren

Sunil Manoharan in a press release issued yesterday.

The KTRS President attributed the success of the programme to the cooperation from the school’s management board as well as headmistress Ngai Sui San and her teachers.

In appreciation, KTRS Secretary Jocelyn Lee presented the headmistress with a certificate of thanks and acknowledgement for their role in the success of the programme.

“We foresee good prospects in getting youngsters to take up tennis as their game of choice. KTRS believes that ‘catching’ them while they are still young will leave a lasting impression on them about the joy and fun of playing tennis,” said Taren Sunil.

“In fact, we can actually see their eagerness and excitement at every tennis lesson that we conduct, right from the moment they are about to pick up the tennis rackets,” Taren Sunil noted.

To cater to kids who want to take up the game more seriously, KTRS also organises more advanced lessons. The effectiveness of these advanced tennis lessons are being proven as players from KTRS have been chalking up very commendable results at age-group tournaments around the state. – PR

By :
New Sabah Times