UMS students build social network with community


BEAUFORT: A community programme involving Kelab Pengurusan Acara Kolej Kediaman Excellent (KKE) of Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) was recently held at Kampung Suasa.

The programme, which was held for three days, saw 69 participations in which 39 were UMS students, and the rest were the villagers.

The programme director, Wan Muhammad Razlan Bazlan Baharudin said that the programme aimed to expose students on the need to build up their social networks with the community.

“This programme did not only expose the students on the importance of bonding with the community, it also helped introduced the village as a new eco-tourism centre in Sabah,” he said when met by New Sabah Times.

Among the activities conducted throughout the programme were water sports, fishing competition, and buffalo-riding competition.

A cultural night was also held which featured a variety of interesting performances from the students as well as the villagers.

The programme was officiated by Kampung Suasa United Cooperative Koperasi Bersatu Chairman, Ruslan Muharam. –By Noor Zafira Shafie

By :
New Sabah Times