Five buddies among eight caught for abusing drugs



KENINGAU: It was a case of birds of the same feather flock together when a group of five friends who were high on drugs were nabbed by drug enforcers here on Tuesday night.

The buddies were among eight people caught in a drug operation conducted by the Keningau National Anti-Drug Agency (NADA).

According to its officer, Azry Golbin Azmi the friends were rounded up in a village.

“Three of the suspects were in a room in the house owned by one of them who stays with his wife and children.

“The room is where they get their fix,” he said, adding that the enforcers had to break down the door to get to the suspects after they refused to comply.

Azry said the owner, who also tested positive, did not care about his house being a drug haunt despite having little children in the house.

The other two friends were arrested in a car, he said. The remaining drug users were picked up around the district. The suspects are aged between 21 and 42.

The agency is investigating the cases under Section 3 of the Drug Addiction, Treatment and Rehabilitation Act 1983. “They have been detained for 10 days at the Papar detention centre for drug abusers,” he added.

Among the eight suspects, he said two of them had past drug abuse records and were still being monitored by NADA.

“For these two cases, the repeated offenders have violated the condition and can be jailed up to three years and three strokes of the rotan,” Azry said.

By :
New Sabah Times