Ministry awaits elephant death's investigation results



KOTA KINABALU: The Ministry of Primary Industries will wait for the Sabah Government’s investigation regarding the death of wild elephants in the state, before making any statements or action on the issue.

Its minister Teresa Kok, said she is saddened by the elephant deaths.

“However we could not blame the farmers or palm oil smallholders as there was no clear evidence that it is directly linked to the wildlife death,” she said.

Recently, Sabah Wildlife Department stated that for this year alone, 26 elephants died, either killed or died from infected wounds.

“Let’s wait for the official investigation report,” she said in response to the WWF- Malaysia’s concerns over the frequency of wild elephant death cases in Sabah lately.

Speaking to reporters after officiating the 2018 Palm Oil National Conference, yesterday, Teresa added that however, the palm oil plantations play an important role in the nation’s economy and hoped to see collaboration and understanding between all parties on the matter.

Earlier, Teresa said the government’s move to introduce the Malaysian Palm Oil Certification (MSPO) is among efforts to encourage farmers and smallholders in the country to care for the environment and to cultivate good agricultural practices in oil palm cultivation.

“All oil palm farmers and smallholders are required to obtain the MSPO Certification by 2020.

“The target is that all smallholders and farmers perform their role in safeguarding the environment and establishing proper plantation areas.”

By :
New Sabah Times