ROCKNEO 2018 concert to showcase six underground rock bands



KOTA KINABALU: The local underground rock music industry in the state will have its own scene as the upcoming ROCKNEO 2018 concert will be showcasing six underground rock bands.

With the objective of bringing up the local music industry in the state to perform live on stage, ROCKNEO also aims to have its own yearly concert.

Its organizer, Bornaya Events will feature six homegrown bands which are B.O.I.L, The Jethroes, Chugs on Deck, Me Gusta!!, Sustereo and Buzzing Joker. The concert will be held on September 23 starting from 5pm at Drum Asia Live KK, Oceanus Waterfront Mall.

The bands, which come from different parts of Sabah, will wield various styles of music such as post-grunge, alternative post-rock, indie rock and stoner rock music. Two of the bands, Suistereo and Buzzing Joker are from Keningau while four others are from Kota Kinabalu.

Bornaya Events director, Richael Gimbang said that success of their first concert of Marsha and Velvet has motivated them to organize the upcoming ROCKNEO ’18 rock concert.

“When we first came out with an idea to have ROCKNEO 2018, we want to have an event where we can showcase our local band’s talents.

“Our objective is to gather as many talented local bands and to provide them a stage, a platform to perform and to showcase their music.

“Besides that, we also want to drive the local community here in Sabah into a better appreciation for our own homegrown music.

“We want to have our own local scene and local bands that are strong enough not only for Sabahan to know but also the whole nation,” he said. Rich also explained that good music must be shared and appreciated through live shows such as the ROCKNEO 2018 concert.

“We are glad to be able to collaborate with friends from KK12FM, Carrybeans, BK Studios, Benny Liew Studios, Xqvinox, and also Drum Asia Studio who is the main sponsor for this event,” he added.

The rock concert tickets are now on sale through the concert website, Ticket price starts from RM15 for students, RM25 (Pre-sale), and RM35 (Door). Besides that, tickets can also be purchased directly through the bands themselves.

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New Sabah Times