Two-hour ROR POP-UP event by Future Alam Borneo team in city centre


KOTA KINABALU: The Future Alam Borneo (FAB) team behind the Borneo Rhythms of Rimba (ROR) Wildlife Festival dropped over to the state capital over the weekend from Sandakan and set up a roving environmental ROR POP-UP stage in the city centre, at the old Social Welfare building.

With the objective of bringing environmental awareness to the public, and supported by the Tourism, Culture and Environment Ministry and Kota Kinabalu City Hall, FAB curated a short two-hour programme on marine conservation issues here in Sabah.

With the collaboration of WWF-Malaysia and Scubazoo Images, the event projected large visuals on the wall of the abandoned building, courtesy of a high-powered laser projector from Panasonic.

Video footage featured the beauty of Sabah Borneo’s marine biodiversity, as well as shocking images highlighting the issues of turtle poaching, shark finning, and plastic pollution in Sabah oceans. The evening also saw musicians Hezekiah Asim, a sape player from Sarawak and the electronic sounds of Avery Fos (a Sabahan & Bruneian duo) complement the visual messages.

Dr Robecca Jumin, Head of Marine Programme, WWF-Malaysia Marine Programme who gave a short presentation that night, enthused, “This collaboration between creative musicians and conservation work made the message even more emotional and impactful tonight.”

The ROR POP-UP event was a precursor to the upcoming Borneo ROR Wildlife Festival to be held next month on Sept 15-16 at Nexus Resort & Spa, Karambunai, with an international list of world-renowned conservationists, creatives and musicians; all in Sabah to help the state promote its natural heritage to Malaysians and to the world.

Anton Ngui, Chairman of Future Alam Borneo, added at the end, “We hope there will be more opportunities such as these to share and engage with our fellow Sabahans as we look to preserve our unique natural heritage.”

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New Sabah Times