Christina: Emulate Genting Plantations’ wildlife corridor



KOTA KINABALU: Private plantations are encouraged to emulate Genting Plantations Berhad in supporting the government effort to conserve the nature.

Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister, Christina Liew who commended Genting Plantations Berhad for allocating some 110 acres of its plantation as wildlife corridor to connect the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary with the Keruak Virgin Jungle Reserve, said that others should follow suit.

However, when asked if a special law is needed to compel plantation owners to do the same, she said that it is based on voluntary basis for now.

“I believe the signing of MoA between Genting Plantations Berhad and Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD) today will encourage more big players to come forth.

“I don’t think we need to enact laws for them to come forth because this is a partnership between the NGOs, plantation, and the government on conservation of elephants.

“Whoever wants to do business in Sabah, please cooperate with the government,” she said after witnessing the signing ceremony at the launching of ‘Umbrelephant Campaign’ in conjunction with 2018 World Elephants Day at a resort here yesterday.

The MoA entails the granting of right to use Genting’s land for conservation purpose for 25 years which can be reviewed upon its expiry.

The land will allow elephants to roam freely between the two sanctuaries.

Meanwhile, on the recent hike in numbers of elephants dying off snare traps set up by plantation workers, SWD Director, Augustine Tuuga said that the department is collaborating with the Forestry Department and World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) to dismantle the snares in forest reserve.

He said that the department has also discussed the matter with plantation owners who were told to stop their workers from setting up the snares in the plantations.

The Umbrelephant Campaign is organised by NGO, Project Seratu Aatai led by its Director, Dr Nurzhafarina Othman. According to her, the campaign aims to eliminate the people’s negative sentiments on Borneo elephants and to provide an avenue for the people to participate in elephant conservation according to their individual capacity.

By :
New Sabah Times