As-Sakinah in need of contribution to continue operating


PAPAR: Rumah Anak Yatim As-Sakinah needs continuous support and contribution from the public to run its operation.

Chairperson of management committee Nasaruddin Muhammad said the home which cares for orphans and asnaf (poor) roughly spends RM20,000 a month for operational and maintenance purposes.

Although many see it as a stable and established organisation, he said As-Sakinah is still totally relying on public donations to cater to the needs of its children.

“There is a perception that our home are well-provided and do not need much assistance but people have to realize that we need continuous funding to maintain not only our home but more importantly our children.

“We still need to pay rent every month and provide food as well as pocket money for our children as all of them are still in school,” he said.

The home which is made up of two single-storey houses at Taman Pantai Lok Kawi was founded in 2011 and is currently providing for 36 children including two who are studying at SMKA Tun Datu Mustapha full residential school and another one in a college in Kuala Lumpur.

He explained although the children extended their studies which required them to live outside the home, they are still under the care of As-Sakinah who funds their school and college expenses.

“We also provide some of our children with tuition classes to help them in their studies; although they are orphans, it is our principle to provide them with the best that we could,” he stressed.

He added that they are grateful with whatever means of donation that have been coming their way – it has also enabled them to lend help to others in return.

In the recent fire that hit Kg. Likas, As-Sakinah took the opportunity to give back to the people by donating some of the extra used clothing which they received all the while.

According to Nasaruddin, it was their time to return the privilege they had been having which they hoped would benefit victims of the fire.

“Since we have received bundles of used clothes, we realized that there are others who may also need these resources.

“We have donated used clothes to many places including the hostel of SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin which caught fire early this year,” he said.

Those who wish to contribute to As-Sakinah may channel their donations to 560148666820 (Maybank) or 10140000442105 (CIMB Bank).

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New Sabah Times