SJKC Tsi Sin rule at karate championship



TENOM: Karate and school officials breathed a sigh of relief following the successful staging of the two-day Sports Council Karate Championship at SMK Chinta Mata here on Sept 8-9.

The opening ceremony was officiated by Zainuddin Jalani, the head of co-curriculum activities at SMK Chinta Mata. He represented the Tenom District Education Officer.

SJKC Tsi Sin maintained its supremacy in the sport with a haul of five golds, four silvers and two bronzes in the 10 events contested.

Six other schools took part. They were SK. Baru Jumpa, SJKC Yuk Hwa, SK. Kemabong, SK. ST Anthony, SJKC Chung Hwa snd SJKC Kong Min.

Jozel Joe of SJKC Tsi Sin was the outstanding exponent winning two gold medals in the Boys Individual Kata and Kumite (sparring). The outstanding girl exponent was Annelisa De Paul who won a gold in the individual kata and a silver in kumite.

SJKC Chung Hwa retained the championship it won last year with a haul of five gold medals, a silver and two bronzes.

Saimon Matigal, the chairman of the Tenom branch of Sabah Karate Association, said the competition provided an opportunity for karate exponents to rise through the state and national ranks, and be in position to represent the country in international tournaments.

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New Sabah Times