‘67,000 farmers, RM10 monthly investment, RM8 million gained’



KOTA KINABALU: Sabah State Farmers Organisation (PPN) members are urged to pool their resources by increasing their investments in the organisation.

National Farmers Organisation (NAFAS) chairman, Datuk Seri Saipolbahari Suib said that it will not only strengthen the organisation but will also benefit the members through the dividends paid to them.

Having 67,000 members, he said that Sabah PPN could easily generate RM8 million fund if every member makes RM10 investment every month.

“This fund can be used by the organisation to finance any investments which will in turn benefit the members.

“I am starting this transformation, and if Sabah PPN can generate RM8 million per year, by 2020, it will have RM24 million which can be used to fund projects that will benefit the members.

“At the moment, the organisation is paying around 10 per cent dividend to investors,” he told a press conference after officiating the Sabah PPN 30th general meeting at a hotel here yesterday.

According to him, it is also easier for the organisation to venture into new projects when the members are united. He said that when demand for certain crop increases, the organisation can instruct its members to concentrate on that particular crop.

Saipolbahari also urged the members to farm corn for animal feed as the price of the commodity is expected to rise by 180 per cent by 2030.

Currently, he said, most animal feed corn is imported from Argentina, Brazil and India, so if the local farmers start to focus on the crop, they will gain big profit when the price increases.

He said that Nafas has built several plants to process corns produced by its members throughout the country.

He also said that the organisation is working closely with the Agriculture Ministry to produce high income farmers through the optimisation of land and the use of technology such as drones to spray pesticide on the crops. Also present at the event was NAFAS deputy chairman, Datuk Nazri Abdullah.

New Sabah Times