Boost for swimming in the State


KOTA KINABALU: An agreement had been achieved to set aside differences between Kota Kinabalu Swimming Association (KKSA) and Blue Marlin Club in the interest of promoting swimming in the state after the Sabah Youth and Sports Minister brought both parties together in a discussion.

The Minister Brigadier General Datuk Liew Yun Fah who chaired the meeting said that he was very happy with the determination of both parties in resolving their differences and agreed to conduct a separate meeting to find a strong solution for them to pool their resources for the good of the sport. Liew, together with his Permanent Secretary Suzannah Liaw and Sabah Sports Board General Manager Mahmood Kalong had succeeded in bringing both parties for a two-hour discussion to settle their differences and conduct another meeting.

“I note that both parties are keen in meeting soon after the meeting with us,” Liew stated during the meeting held yesterday. The President of KKSA Er Kian Chow said that Liew and his ministry’s effort in the meeting would ensure that swimming would continue to grow. “I agree with Liew’s statement over setting aside our differences and working towards bringing the sport to greater heights,” Er said after the meeting. He also added that the Minister’s keenness in resolving their differences had made the future meeting possible between both sides. “We are always keen to accept more members into our fold,” he stated.

In another comment, President of the Blue Marlin Club, Jeffrey Yong said that the result from the meeting was crucial as this would ensure that their swimmers could compete in higher class competitions.

“I appreciate the determination from Liew, Liaw and Mahmood in solving our differences which had prevented us from working together for so long,” he added. Yong also said that Liew’s determination had resulted in the success of the meeting and hoped that the latter would continue to monitor their activities in swimming.

He added that the aim of the meeting was achieved, hoping that this would result in a stronger representation of swimmers for the state. However, Liew was disappointed that the Sandakan Swimming Club failed to show up at the meeting despite being called to attend. “I am unwell but yet I attended the meeting and I do not understand why the club could not make it for the meeting,” Liew added. He also hoped that all representatives could attend such meetings.

Also at the meeting were Sabah Amateur Swimming Association (SASA) led by its President Lee Kui Fah, Tawau Swimming Association President Tony Shim and clubs involved in the sport in the state.

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New Sabah Times