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Growing beauty care industry means more career opportunities for locals

15th August, 2016


KOTA KINABALU: The beauty care industry has been expanding and growing around the world, in both developed and developing countries which means plenty of career opportunities for locals here.

Senior Sales Director of Mary Kay (Sabah), Mariani Ramli, said that this continuous growth and evolution in the beauty care industry offers a good opportunity for especially unemployed graduates and housewives to be involved in beauty care business, such as Mary Kay.

“Nowadays, both women and men tend to see personal grooming as a necessity rather than a luxury,” she told a product briefing here yesterday. “Consumers also seem to be ready to pay higher prices for high quality and good benefit products such as whitening, multi-functional and anti-ageing.”

Mariani shared how she resigned from a banking career in 2007 to be involved in Mary Kay, and has no regret about the switch.

“This is a simple and inexpensive business to get into. You can operate in your way, in your own time, to earn an extra income by selling beauty care products,” she told the New Sabah Times after presiding at a Mary Kay Motivation & Inspiration session. “I see nothing wrong for housewives to be involved, earn some money instead of being idle and probably penniless.”

She however cautioned that there can be no fruit without effort, and that Mary Kay promotes a business model that can propel them forward.

Through her Mary Kay experience, Mariani said she also learned about leadership, time management, and earned extra income for her family.

“Mary Kay shaped me to be a better person, through its coaching system. Now, we have more than 3,200 accredited independent beauty consultants in Sabah, selling our products and for the vast majority of them, it’s been an extremely positive experience.

“Different people start a Mary Kay business for different reasons some are looking for just a little extra income, some, especially with the current downturn in the economy, are looking for a new career,” said Mariani.

Sharon Galarosa, a Mary Kay independent distributor, said that Mary Kay help her to finance her family. Living in the city, she is faced with expensive daily expenditure, and as the first child of seven siblings, she was counted on to help her family.

She started by tagging along with a friend, but now she is one of the top achieving scorers in the business and claims to be financially independent.

“Being part of the Mary Kay sisterhood is my greatest blessing. They help me to go beyond what I thought I could do. I spent eight years with the business, and I put my trust in it.

“And, applying the products on myself, makes me truly confident of its safety and result,” said Sharon. May Kay has a long and strong history as a premiere skin care, and colour cosmetic company. It has been in business for almost 50 years now.

Meanwhile, a research study by Discipline of Social and Administrative Pharmacy, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, found that the beauty care industry is expected to record a faster constant value growth in the coming years than in the previous years.

“Currently, the attitudes towards using beauty care are changing among the population,” it stated. Women place a great deal of importance on personal grooming, especially working women, and those with higher income are the main market segment.

The USM study also stated that consumer expenditure rate on cosmetics and toiletries has been increasing during the last few years at about 40% from RM1.4 billion in 1995 to RM1.9 billion in 2007 projecting sales volume to hit $1.1 billion by 2010.

Among the top sales are skincare products which represented more than US$229 million by value in 2013, followed by eye cosmetics with a value of US$20.6 million, powder make-up, lip make-up preparation, and manicure and pedicure.

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