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Borneo Tuner Autoshow 2013 to be held on June 29

The event’s banner being placed at the venue.

27th June, 2013

KOTA KINABALU: Motormobile enthusiasts will get a rare treat come this weekend, an opportunity to witness and get up-close with an extravaganza Auto Show in a carnival-like affair and to experience the motoring fun-filled atmosphere.

Mega Wheel Production, the publisher of Sabah’s one and only automobile magazine, Borneo Tuner, will be organising the Borneo Tuner Autoshow 2013 this weekend from June 29-30.

The two-day event will be held at Metro Town, off Jalan Lintas Kolombong, Kota Kinabalu.

Local autoshow enthusiasts are invited to participate in the three categories for the car autoshow, namely Open Saloon, K-Car and VIP. For the bike lovers, the Big Bike, Scooter and Kapcai are the three categories available for registration.

For the first time ever, the current global craze in Hellaflush concept which has also hit Sabah’s strong motoring community is strongly supported by Borneo Tuner in a special Hellaflush competition aimed to search for the best stance and wheel fitment car in Sabah.

A special Lighting Challenge will also be contested in the evening of Saturday, 29th June 2013 where cars wrapped in LED lights will display their creative light arrangement and multiple output colours in rhythmic patterns. For car audio enthusiasts, the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) competition is back with four categories and an opportunity for specialists in the field to fight for the title “King of dB” in Sabah.

Besides the autoshow competitions, visitors can also visit more than 25 booths showcasing car clubs, new cars, imported reconditioned cars, imported reconditioned bikes, car/bike aftermarket products and also several F&B stalls. There will also be some fun games for car club members and visitors during the event.

The highlight of the Borneo Tuner Autoshow 2013 is the much anticipated Lucky Draw contest where for the first time in an autoshow in Sabah, the organiser is giving away lucrative prizes to the lucky winners. The top three prizes are a brand new unregistered Perodua Viva 660cc, a brand new unregistered Modenas MR1 motorbike and a brand new iPad Mini. The admission is free for the public.

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