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Free sign up for all Toyota owners – Safety and Survival Skill workshops

2nd May, 2013

Tribe Toyota, a community for all Toyota owners managed by UMW Toyota Motor always strives in building customer experience and relationships through its activities. As part of UMW Toyota Motor’s community service to Toyota owners, road and personal safety of Toyota owners, and their loved ones are of utmost importance.

This year, due to overwhelming response, Tribe Toyota is bringing back the well-received Captain K. Bala, the founder of The Malaysian Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association (MVFRA) who will be the key speaker for the workshop sessions. To kick off the workshop sessions, in the first workshop session, UMW Toyota Motor will be bringing together two renowned criminologists in Malaysia, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Mr. Foo Chek Seng and Dr. Geshina Ayu Mat Saat.

Known as Tribe Toyota Safety and Survival Skill, this year’s campaign is reaching out to Toyota owners with the aim to equip them with knowledge on road safety and personal security through the workshop sessions. The content of this popular workshop has been enhanced to make it more relevant and addresses most current tactics of crime in the urban areas in Malaysia. This comprehensive safety and survival workshop armed participants with techniques and skills on how to detect, overcome and survive a crime.

To ensure that Tribe Toyota community get a chance to join the workshop sessions, UMW Toyota Motor has decided to extend the experience to all its Toyota owners not only in the Klang Valley but also in Johor Bahru (Southern Region) over several weekends in May and June starting with Sunday 19th May. The free online registration starts from the 23rd April onwards for all Toyota owners. Seats are first come first served so take the opportunity to register immediately.

Tribe Toyota community members can also share their personal experiences with other members through the Tribe Toyota website forum.

To know more about the Tribe Toyota Safety and Survival Skill Workshop sessions, please visit: www.tribetoyota.com.my or contact TOYOTA FREEPHONE 1800-8-TOYOTA (1800-8-869682) from 8.00am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

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