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Preserve integrity of election process – Najib

Najib (right) had an audience with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Abdul Halim Mua’adzam Shah who gave consent to the dissolution of Parliament yesterday

4th April, 2013

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has urged all parties to preserve the integrity of the election process for the sake of the people and national stability.

Announcing the dissolution of the 12th parliament in Putrajaya today, he said all political parties who choose to be involved in the election process must be responsible.

Najib urged the ruling and opposition party to give their commitment to respect the people’s decision and ensure that the 13th general election is peaceful and safe.

He said absolute power to choose the government is in the hands of the people and the democracy practised in Malaysia is successful because all parties respect the election process and the result.

“Don’t undermine the people’s belief in the integrity of the election process by sowing seeds of suspicion just because you are not confident of the people’s support towards your party.”

Najib said all parties should take heed of the experiences of other countries which suffered adverse effects as a result of bad tactics deployed by parties in choosing leaders.

“Take cognisance of what happened in other countries as attempts were made to use the same tactic here. As a result, the people lost confidence in the election process and the elected government and the party which adopted such tactics were rejected by the people.”

He assured that the government will continue to conduct its duties and responsibilities in accordance with the principles of the constitution and rule of law until the end of the election process.

“I also want to assure Malaysians and the parties involved that in the event of transfer of power whether at federal or state level, it will and must take place in a peaceful and orderly manner.”

The Prime Minister also said the democratic process in Malaysia has successfully created stability and prosperity enjoyed by citizens for over five decades.

“The government elected via the general election, whether at federal or state level, has the support of the majority of the people in accordance with the practice of democracy.

Najib said the practice of democracy as the core of the government is the best mechanism ever created by man.

“In fact, difference of views, ideas or opinion is not the cause of catastrophe or disunity because if handled and managed well, history has shown it can become a blessing for the people and progress of the country.

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