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SMK St Francis produces tactile books, Braille to benefit visually impaired students

Maria handing over a prize to the representative of the Braille story book workshop group, Esther Seta, witnessed by Chong.

1st November, 2012

KOTA KINABALU: SMK St Francis Convent has produced 55 tactile books and Braille story books to benefit the visualy impaired.

The book production is one of the workshop’s activities held in conjunction with the 1Malaysia Reading Camp 2012, said Director of Sabah State Library (PNS), Wong Vui Yin during his keynote address at SMK St Francis Convent here, yesterday.

The speech was read by Senior Deputy Director, Maria Sinti at the closing ceremony of the 1Malaysia Reading Camp 2012 that jointly organized by SMK St Francis Convent and Sabah state library.

Wong also extended his appreciation to St Francis Convent as a new partner in social work, as well as SM La Salle who has collaborated with PNS since 2009 in the tactile book production project.

Other activities held were Nadi Ilmu Amalan Membaca (Nilam) programme, book review and e-book workshop.

There are 7,000 book titles available to be downloaded for free using e-books from the Sabah State Library website.

The service is available 24 hours/seven days a week, and is a convenient approach for PNS members as long as there is an internet connection.

Wong said, in line with the government’s objective to produce a first class mind, this programme is one of the strategic plans which will benefit the students and also society to become knowledgeable and informed.

The strategic plans consist of readers’ service, collection development and the usage of Sabah’s heritage collection.

Additionally, Wong also noted that PNS has set their key performance indicator (KPI) to obtain 95,000 reading material collections to be distributed to all of PNS chains, and to set a 5 per cent increase of member statistics, borrowers and visitors in every PNS chain.

Moreover, PNS has also implemented a Blue Ocean Strategy by opening library service at shopping malls such as in Suria Sabah since February this year. Besides that, PNS also provides a library in the housing area at Bandar Sri Indah Tawau.

Earlier, SMK St Francis Convent’s principal, Chong Shat Muai noted that the objective of the programme is to cultivate the reading culture among the students and to occupy themselves after the final examination ends.

The event is also aimed at understanding the importance of reading and to make the school library and state library a literature reference.

According to Chong, several approaches have been implemented including 10 minutes of reading every day during assembly, 1Malaysia reading for 33 minutes and also ‘My Favourite Book’ reviews.

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