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ECSTATIC … Mohd Joh (left) and Hasnol (right).

7th October, 2012

KOTA KINABALU: Cebagoo FC has officially unveiled their plans to take part in the FAM Cup League next season on Friday.

But the Sepanggar-based club are still a few steps away from turning their dream into reality to eventually become the fifth local club to have represented Sabah in the competition after Taya, Likas United, Internacionale FC, Gunosukod Pangaits and Beverly FC.

They have already got the nod from the Sabah FA, but they still need to fulfill several requirements set by the FA of Malaysia Competition Committee, or else their plan will remain as a dream.

That aside, Cebagoo FC are a little bit more ambitious than the rest, as they too are determined not to become a one-season wonder.

Instead they want to compete against the best in the country for as long as they could.

To do that, Cebagoo FC advisor Datuk Mohd Hasnol Ayub, who was seen pretty much ecstatic about the whole idea at the club’s launching on Friday, insisted that they need to have proper planning, not only from the aspect of their participation in the national league, but also from the development side of the game.

And Hasnol sees the club moving towards the right direction.

In his speech, he said the club have taken a new step by contemplating to compete in the FAM Cup, which is dubbed as the country’s third division league after the Super League and the Premier League.

In fact, he added, participating in the competition itself is already an achievement for the club.

“We must learn from previous teams … their strengths, weaknesses and ask ourselves why they can only last for one season.

“But what is most important is that we must have a plan. Without planning we will not be able to achieve what we have wished for,” said Hasnol.

“The club finished as runners-up in the Under-16 tournament (local) and we also won the KK Carino League. I was also made to understand that we have Under-12 and Under-14 teams and this is what I call planning.

“With proper planning, it will push us to another level and along the way we must try to learn from our mistakes and try to keep improving.

Hasnol also thanked the Sabah FA for their support, before insisting it is their obligation to help clubs like Cebagoo FC for the development of football in the State.

He then proposed that the FA not only help the club financially, but also provide coaches or even players.

In fact he said there should be a situation where two parties must work together for the same reason that whatever success the club achieves is also Sabah’s success.

He also revealed that the government has allocated RM250,000 to upgrade the Menggatal town field, which is likely to be the club’s training base.

On the requirements the club need to fulfill, Hasnol was rather positive saying that they can see light at the end of the tunnel.

“We don’t want the same thing to happen to the club. And I can see light at the end of the tunnel, as there will be companies and individuals who are willing to come forward to help push Cebagoo FC’s noble efforts forward,” said Hasnol.

Cebagoo FC President Mohd Joh Wid, Sabah FA Secretary General Alijus Hj Sipil, Ben Wong from Ararat Sports & Souvenirs Sdn Bhd, players and hundreds of supporters were present at the launching.

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