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Take up sports for healthy lifestyle and unity – Ewon

12th September, 2012

RANAU: Rural Development Minister, Datuk Dr. Ewon Ebin is urging the community to take up whatever type of sports or to exercise daily to avoid being over-weight so that they can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and not be afflicted with harmful diseases.

He said many people these days are beseted with overweight problem and this affliction can cause various types of diseases to attack the body easily.

According to Ewon, daily sports activity not only help to maintain the ideal body weight but can also unearth latent talents besides strengthening unity among neighbouring community.

Apart from this, sports activity can also prevent immoral activities such as drug abuse, which has become the number one enemy of the country, he said, when officiating at the women’s volleyball tournament at the sports pavilion, soccer field of Kampung Badukan, about 10 kilometres from Ranau.

The tournament was organized by the Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) Intervention Programme of Kampung Badukan under the auspices of the Maternal and Child Health Clinic (KKIA) Ranau during the Merdeka celebrations and sponsored by Datuk Ewon, who is also the assemblyman for N31 Paginatan.

According to organizing chairperson, Puan Saibi Modusin, the programme was organised based on a KKIA research that found that many women, mothers and the community in general suffer from the bane of being overweight.

Therefore, KKIA formed an association called Weight Loss Management to circumvent the occurrence of non-communicable diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and so on and chose Kampung Badukan as the location to start the programme.

She disclosed that the program would run for 1 year with the adoption of various sports and expect the participants taking up the programme to be able to lose weight by 8% to 10%.

Further, Saibi said, volleyball was selected for the tournament since women rarely take part in this event but were enthusiastically eager to begin at the village.

In the tournament, six teams participated coming from Kampung Badukan itself, the nearby villages and the team from KKIA.

The inaugural tournament was won by the team Kaisora B while team Kaisora A finished second and team NCD Badukan in third place.

At the ceremony, Datuk Ewon approved an allocation of RM5,000 to build a volleyball court for the village and agreed to sponsor the next tournament.

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