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LSE gets two oil & gas jobs offshore Sabah

2nd December, 2010

LABUAN: As part of its continuous efforts to transform into a major oil, gas and energy industry player, Labuan Shipyard and Engineering (LSE) has secured two new oil and gas fabrication jobs from a leading Malaysian subsea contractor.

Its chief executive officer Mohd Azman Nasir said the latest jobs are for the fabrication of three hang off platforms for a deep water oil field offshore Sabah followed by the fabrication of eight units of flow-line jumpers for the same field.

He said the hang off platform fabrication scope of work include weighing load-out and sea-fastening.

The project, commenced in July with a four-month completion schedule, has been completed and delivered to the client on schedule, he said in a statement yesterday.

“For the flow-line jumpers, consisting of six units of production jumpers and one unit each of water injection jumper and gas injection jumper, the scope of work involves factory acceptance test; system integration testing; field joint coating; fabrication of shipping stands; load-out and sea-fastening.

“Work on the project is expected to begin in January next year,” he said.

Mohd Azman said the award of the deepwater jobs was a significant achievement for LSE as the company positions itself to become an important and strategic contributor to the development of the oil and gas industry in Malaysia.

“With the growing confidence the industry is placing on the company, it is now on course in realising its corporate goals.

“We believe that we will secure more jobs with different complexities in the immediate and near future, more so when we have proven our ability to deliver according to the tight schedules and standards of safety and quality imposed by the industry.

“We have submitted formal bids and are in the process of bidding for a substantial number of oil, gas and energy jobs, including those which are of high value and particularly developed to cater to the onshore and offshore needs of the industry in Sabah and its waters,” he said.

Mohd Azman said LSE has a well-equipped fabrication yard situated a mere 100km away from Blocks G and M. “It is fully supported by a pool of professional and skilled workforce in the oil and gas industry who undergo continuous training to be abreast with the rapid technological developments and enhancements inherent in the industry,” he added.

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