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Asian Supply Base to impose new gate fee from Jan 1

29th December, 2020

LABUAN: Asian Supply Base Sdn Bhd (ASB) has notified its users and clients that it will be implementing a new gate fee with effect from Jan 1, 2021.

As this fee is a third party charge, and can be substantial when accumulated, the Labuan Freight Forwarders Association (LFFA) has also notified all clients in the logistics industry that there will be additional charges invoiced involving transportation charges for entries into ASB locations including Main Gate 1, Gate 2, New Yard, Yard 45, Yard 36, Warehouse 3, and Warehouse 7.

LFFA president, Prunella Phoong said the fee included all deliveries of imported consignments or collection of export consignments from clients located within ASB locations as noted in the circular charges.

ASB’s new charges (based on new circular dated Dec 14, 2020) are based on categories and classes (A-E) of vehicles (commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers, and prime movers) from three tonnes to 10 tonnes and the fee will be from RM5 to RM35 per entry.

“Therefore, effective Jan 1 next year, LFFA advises all clients to be specific in transportation requests, including the types of vehicles required to avoid unnecessary charges.

“The following information are required during the request of services and/or transportation to enable providers to make payments on behalf, prior to the vehicle’s arrival at your premises within ASB locations as per ASB’s circular, such as type of vehicle required; number of units required; number of trips required per vehicle; number of packages to be transported; weight and measurement,” she said in a statement issued to Bernama on Monday.

To better serve all clients and to avoid any confrontation at the ASB entry points between the ASB security teams and drivers of the transport providers, she said all transportation requests must be forwarded to the transport providers at least 36 hours prior to the time of requirement.

“This is to ensure that payments are processed and verified by the ASB accounts department, and clearance is given to the security guards at ASB to permit entries.”

Phoong said the association also waived all liabilities on any accidents that may occur while their transport vehicles are being cleared for entry into the logistics support base.

“LFFA takes this opportunity to thank their patrons for their continued patience in facing various delays in the arrival/despatch of consignments both via air and sea freight movements, including the clearance of customs services during this COVID-19 pandemic,” she added. –Bernama

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