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Kaison holds grand opening sales at Centre Point

Crowds throng the Kaison Centre Point during its grand opening
5th August, 2010

KOTA KINABALU: Kaison Furnishing’s Centre Point branch celebrated its grand opening with promotional sales on Sunday.

Kaison’s loyal customers started queuing at the shop’s entrance as early as 9:00am to secure a chance to purchase the promotional items. Some of the customers had queued for hours to purchase the products they desired.

Items such as the 5-tier drawer was sold for RM35.99; single comforter, at RM29.99 and the 8-litre drink jar, at RM15.99. All these items were sold out within two hours. Ten security guards and Centre Point Shopping Complex’s patrols were deployed to control the shopping crowd.

The Management of Kaison Furnishing including its Managing Director, Tan Li Kai and Area Manager, Engelbert Masabal were also on hand to maintain customer flow.

Tan expressed his gratitude to customers for their continuous support, patience and cooperation on the grand opening day. “We also regret for any inconvenience and frustration caused to the public (on the grand opening day), and we will do better on our next outlet grand opening,” Tan added.

Kaison Furnishing was founded in 2008 and has three outlets currently including Kaison Centre Point, Kaison 1Borneo and Kaison Putatan. Being the biggest Kaison retail outlet with a floor area of over 11,000 square feet, Kaison Centre Point will be selling a wider range of products including small furniture with more cash register counters for faster check-out.

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