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Police cripple house-breaking syndicate, arrest two suspects

15th September, 2020


KOTA KINABALU: Police arrested two “ninjas” who robbed a 50-year-old Sarawakian clerk at the pedestrian bridge connecting the Imago Shopping mall on 3rd Sept (Thursday) and subsequently crippling a house-breaking syndicate.

In the 7.30 pm incident, the victim was on her way home to Sutera Avenue when approached by the duo and was threatened with a pair of nunchucks.

According to city police chief, ACP Habibi Majinji, the woman received bruises to her face after being hit by her assailants.

They then made a dash towards the Sembulan area with her valuables which included a laptop.

At 3pm the following day, a police team arrested a suspect at Jalan Sang Kancil 3 and recovered from him the nunchucks and the victim’s identification card.

The arrest revealed the duo to be a part of a five-man robbery gang dubbed “Geng Duk” that has been targeting kindergartens, office premises and rented homes in the city for the past three months.

“Subsequent arrests in the Sembulan area rounded up four suspects between the ages of 23 and 30 including the gang leader over the following three days.

“All suspects tested positive for methamphetamine with previous similar criminal records.

“Police also recovered stolen items from each of the suspect. It is estimated that Geng Duk gang has made away with booty worth over RM20,000 from ten confirmed cases of house break-ins.

“We are searching for the fifth and final gang member, a foreigner in his 20s, living in Sembulan, known as Bimal,” Habibi said.

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