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PJKAYS believes disadvantaged children too can succeed in life

12th August, 2020

KOTA KINABALU: Orphaned and disadvantaged children too can become successful in their adult life if they develop the right mindset, ambition and attitude from a young age.

It is with this belief in mind that leaders from Pertubuhan Jaringan Kebajikan Anak-Anak Yatim Sabah (PJKAYS), headed by the president, Datuk Eddie Abdullah, set out several outreach and motivational sessions with these targeted children from various orphanage centres and charity homes located in KK, Tuaran, Tambunan and Tawau over the past year or so.

The sessions would focus on young children in Form 4 and 5 for they would be the ones needing guidance and career choices as they go into the next phase of their life, and at the same time leaving the safe shelter of the orphanage or charity home to strike out an independent future.

A typical outreach and motivational program was held last weekend which witnessed 10 participants from Rumah Amal Kasih and Jireh Home. The PJKAYS mission, as always, was to share the speakers’ personal experiences and what they did right in their professional career to achieve their dreams.

Eddie said his committee members, all volunteers, comprised a range of professionals from a senior oil and gas engineer based in Turkmenistan, a doctor lecturing at UMS, an army Colonel, a former aircraft engineer with MAS, a masterchef to two senior educators with Education Department.

These speakers talked about ambition, attitude, commitment, traits, habits, integrity, willpower, resilience and discipline in order to kick in the key messages, with the objective to inspire change and trigger success among the participants who had earlier penned their respective career choice upon registration.

“As an NGO, we in PJKAYS play our part in collaboration with the orphanage and charity homes in helping these disadvantaged children through empowering them to lead productive and dignified adult lives. We believe everyone too can be successful and enjoy the best in life,” Eddie remarked.

He pointed out international examples of famous orphans, such as Apple guru Steve Jobs and Beatle member/songwriter John Lennon who had changed the world with their respective creation and music.

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