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Rumba reverberates with acoustic jazz nite

Quadro Forte thrilled the audience at Rumb

9th June, 2010

Rumba Latin Grill and Bar, Kota Kinabalu’s hottest entertainment spot continues to captivate the city’s music enthusiasts with a constant of flow of entertainment events and ideas. A collaborative effort with local music-filled contents publication Bandwidth Street Press and Cado Creatives saw “Acoustic Jazz Nite 2010” held at Rumba last Friday on 4 June 2010 between 8:30pm to 11:30pm.

Acoustic Jazz Nite was held in conjunction with Kota Kinabalu’s Jazz Month and aimed to showcase local jazz talents on the Kota Kinabalu music scene. An estimated 130 guests attended the event and patrons were treated to a variety of musician performances, each playing different styles of Jazz. There were altogether 6 artists invited by the organizers to perform alongside Rumba’s own band, the 3rd Degree, on Friday. Those invited were Reek-A-Dawn (Jazz/Soul/R&B Fusion), Appy featuring Akustika Extravaganza (Singer/Songwriter/Jazz/R&B), Rene Barrow (Jazz-Rock), Meteor Crates (Local Rock Band playing Jazz for the first time in an open event), Teddy Chin Jr & Daniel Mojina (Saxophonist & Fingerstyle Guitarist) and the winners of Sabah Cultural Boards 1st Prima Akustika competition, Quadro Forte (Latin/Jazz).

The crowd was entertained by upbeat and soulful renditions of Malaysian jazz numbers as well English and Latin jazz songs. 1st Prima Akustika winner Quadro Forte thrilled guests with their spirited cover versions of hits from the legendary group, Gypsy Kings. Sabah’s own jazz songbird, Annabelle, provided a fitting finale to the evening with a collaborative effort with Teddy Chin Jr, Daniel Mojina & Moses Da Silva.

Arthur Lee of Bandwidth Street Press comments, “This joint effort with Rumba and Cado Creatives is in support of Datuk Masidi Manjun’s vision of making June a whole month of music. We took the next step in not only making a musical event based on the Jazz theme but also adapted it by adding an acoustic flair to the widely promoted music genre. We hope other organizers would be willing to support the local music industry just as we are now doing so”.

Adding to Arthur’s comments, Harvey J Thompson, General Manager of Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu says, “From unique theme nights twice a month to periodic music events, Rumba Latin Grill & Bar constantly aims for higher grounds on the entertainment scene. It is a genuine pleasure to see local talents flourish and if last Friday’s Acoustic Jazz Nite is any indication, Sabah has more than its fair share of music genius. This certainly gives us plenty to look forward to at our next music event at Rumba, which will be The Ultimate Band Search, in July.” – Photos courtesy of Frog’s Eye Photography

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