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Perfect getaway at beautiful Ulu Look Lungsung Beach

28th February, 2020


KOTA BELUD: The Ulu Look Lungsung Beach in Rampayan Laut Village is yet another beautiful place blessed with turquoise blue water and white sandy beach that beckons visitors.

The picturesque beach is located 3 kilometres away from the town here and the visitors will have to drive through a hilly terrain to get there.

It is a perfect place for the visitors to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and traffic congestion. The pristine environment offers a place for visitors to enjoy the sea breeze, hiking, relaxing and carry out recreational activities at the beachfront.

And to upkeep the place, the Sabah Women Voluntary and Welfare Society, in cooperation with Beras Nasional Berhad and led by Tempasuk community development leader Ladim Abd Rahman, has carried out a joint cleanliness programme themed ‘Healthy is enjoyable’, recently.

Near the beach there are two islets called Keramat Island, said Ladim whose parents are from and grew up in Rampayan Laut Village.

Both his parents knew all about the village and island like the back of their hands.

And based on the mystery tales handed down by his parents, he said there are some intriguing incidents that happened in the island.

Among the most frequently told stories were how the sea would turn rough with high waves if the visitors took anything back from the island or the sour calamansi would turn into a bitter taste, he shared.

He added that the island is also a place for some villagers to cast their magic spells on other people.

The unpolluted waters surrounding the island are also teeming with a variety of marine life and plants including the edible seagrass locally known as lato.

Ladim, who is fondly known as Pak Joko, hoped the village community will cooperate together to improve the road leading to the beach and maintain its cleanliness at all times so that it can be promoted as a tourism destination.

He also hoped that the district office will include the village in their directory as one of the tourism destinations in Kota Belud.

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