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Syed Saddiq to Kimanis youth: Bring down Umno in by-election

15th January, 2020


BONGAWAN: Bersatu Youth Chief Syed Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman has urged Kimanis youth to use their power to bring down Umno in the Jan 18 by-election.

It was the young people who had toppled the Umno-BN administration in the previous general election, he said, although they were regarded as young and unwise.

The Youth and Sports Minister noted since then, Malaysian youths including those in the government sector have become more vocal in ensuring their predicaments are heard.

“That is why the 2020 Budget, for the first time in Malaysia history, has provided RM6.5 billion to create 300,000 job opportunities for youths in Malaysia.

“Not only that, I will ensure, as the minister of youth (and sports), that the allocation would be channelled to Sabah and the job opportunities be catered for Sabahans,” he said at the Himpunan Anak Muda Kimanis here Monday night.

Among those present at the campaign for Warisan were Chief Minister and Warisan president Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal, Sabah Youth And Sports Minister Ginger Phoong, and Warisan’s Wira and Wirawati chiefs Datuk Azis Jamman and Isnaraissah Munirah.

Leaders from its ally, Bersatu, including Membakut assemblyman Datuk Arifin Arif and Kawang Assemblyman Datuk Ghulam Haidar Khan, were also present.

Speaking before a crowd of over 2,000 youths, Syed Saddiq said there was no reason for them to hold back in fighting for their rights.

He further urged them to reject corruption and power abuse as seen during Umno’s time, stating such practice had caused great loss to the youths.

“I went all over the country to see whether sports infrastructure projects were carried out properly and found that on paper, Sabah was supposed to have its first rugby stadium.

“Tens of millions were approved but it turns out that there was only a huge billboard, but no stadium.

“Not only in Sabah, there were many sports complex across Malaysia which were supposed to be completed but my visits in Dec found that the stadiums and complex were not there,” he said.

He stated that today’s youth are more aware of the situation and that they demand leaders with integrity, and are fearful of the people.

“Fellow youth, let us send a clear signal in the by-election, of how much we want job opportunities, and for Kimanis to be developed fairly.

“I believe if in the previous general election, they had raised their voices, they will do the same in this fight,” he said.

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