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Malaysia Autoshow Sabah Oct 19-20 to showcase latest vehicles

17th October, 2019


KOTA KINABALU: The Malaysia Autoshow has expanded its reach to the people in Sabah to experience MARii’s flagship event for the first time since its establishment in 2015.

The event will be held from Oct 19-20 at Penampang Cultural Hall.

MARii or Malaysian Automotive Robotics and IoT Institute said the Sabah edition continues its tradition of showcasing the latest vehicles in the market, focusing on the advances in technology, safety and comfort of vehicles sold within the Malaysian market.

“The Malaysia Autoshow 2019 Sabah will create a platform for the people of Sabah to allow easy access to experience in first-hand the latest advances in terms of technology, safety and services the automotive industry has to offer, as we progress towards an era of connected mobility.”

And like the main annual event in Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysia Autoshow 2019 Sabah will feature exhibitions and various exciting activities catering for the entire family. The show will also include elements designed especially for Sabahans.

The Autoshow’s signature showcase latest vehicles on offer in Malaysia including the newest Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEVs) from various OEMs are expected to be on display.

Visitors will also be given the opportunity to test-drive the latest models available in the market on a 1km-long test drive route. The route is specifically selected to allow visitors to fully experience the latest vehicles, with a special section dedicated to off-road driving catered with conditions made for SUVs.

Visitors can also try the latest features in today’s vehicles such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which includes a variety of safety features including autonomous emergency braking (AEB), blind spot monitoring and lane departure warning system.

A new addition to the Sabah edition is the Dyno Challenge, where visitors with 4WD can run their vehicles on a dynamometer to measure the engine’s force, torque, and horsepower, providing a new perspective on the health and performance of your vehicle.

The Autoshow will bring top 4×4 clubs from around Sabah, where they will showcase the uniqueness of the off-road vehicle segment.

There will also be a session for the vehicles participating in the Borneo Safari where the vehicles will undergo inspection to ensure they are compliant to rules and regulations of the safari.

Winners of the Sabah IAM will also feature their cars at the Malaysia Autoshow 2019 Sabah. The International Auto Modified (IAM), first introduced in April at the Malaysia Autoshow 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, is a regional touring event for automotive lifestyle that showcases the creativity and innovation of car modifiers from around Malaysia and the region.

Meanwhile, the aftermarket community of Sabah – including customised and modified vehicle lovers, will be treated to a showcase of modified and customised vehicles.

Local workshops and clubs specialising in these areas will be showcasing their works.

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