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Chief Minister launches annual Foh Sang Mooncake celebrations

23rd September, 2019


KOTA KINABALU: The walls of Foh Sang marketplace was rejuvenated with murals depicting a time that once gleamed during the annual Mooncake celebrations on Saturday evening.

Luyang Assemblyman Ginger Phoong said it was a local collective here that worked to showcase their Chinese heritage.

“Foh Sang literally translates to peace and prosperity seen on the daily as people from all walks of life occupy the many eateries here for the common love of some good food,” he said at the evening event.

Ginger reckoned Foh Sang might someday even become a new tourism destination in the city just because of food. Meanwhile, Kota Kinabalu Parliamentary Member Chan Foong Hin commented Sabah should not be an option but the choice as a tourism destination.

In addition, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal said the Kota Kinabalu International Airport can accommodate only 9.4 million people at a time and the most number was recorded this year at 9 million people.

“Soon, we would be needing a second airport.”

He said Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad disclosed the country annually imports about RM700 million worth of vegetables from Indonesia and there is nothing holding Sabah back from meeting that demand.

“Soils in Kudat are rich for agricultural purpose and next month a blueprint will be launched there.

“Food security is important especially with the influx of tourists, and to cope with the growing population we are also looking into aquaculture as well.”

This, he said, would also ward off kidnapping attempts as fishermen would no longer have to go too far out into the ocean on diesel boats to make a living.

He added that the proposed future of Indonesia making Kalimantan as their capital is expected turn up the tempo of Sabah.

Touching on the topic of unity, Shafie pointed to a mural of some old Chinese men having tea and recalled growing up with that community in Semporna.

“One of my children is also married to a Chinese,” he said, making a point that unity in diversity is the key for Sabah’s harmony.

“Everyone should be proud of their culture. But by looking past differences, our race, religion, or political beliefs, and uniting together for the development of Sabah, is what each of her people should strive to do.

“What we do, we leave behind to our future generations. My mooncake message to Sabahans is to work hard together for unceasing prosperity,” he said, referencing to the auspicious messages impressed onto mooncakes.

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