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INTI showcases students’ vital skill sets

10th September, 2019

KOTA KINABALU: To demonstrate the skill sets of its students in an advancing IR4.0 world, INTI College Sabah (INTI) organised its second “Youth Beyond Academic” public showcase featuring eight projects focusing on social consciousness and real industry problems.

Held in Suria Sabah Shopping Mall recently, the showcase was organised for members of the public, high school students, INTI’s industry partners, and parents alike.

The showcase kicked off with an opening speech by Chief Executive of INTI College Sabah, Roselyn Chua, who shared the significance of the event to her audience.

“As we move into a world which increasingly relies on smart machines and systems, cloud computing and the internet of things, the skill sets that require enhancing for the future workforce are personal skills.

“While skillets such as knowledge about ICT, technical know-how, and the ability to work with data are important, personal skills such as emotional intelligence, complex problem solving, coordinating with others, and creativity will take the forefront as we tackle issues such as climate change, cancer, and non-communicable diseases.

“These skills are pertinent for our future graduates as they go out into the workforce because they cannot be emulated by machines. It is these skills that will make our future graduates relevant in the future workforce and our projects here today are a demonstration of our students’ abilities in honing these skill sets successfully,” she said.

Meanwhile, Sabah Assistant Minister of Education and Innovation Jenifer Lasimbang in her speech said that it is crucial for all higher education institutions in Sabah to follow suit and initiate a similar curriculum for their students.

“As many may be aware, the Sabah government is striving to embrace IR 4.0 while ensuring our graduates continue to gain meaningful employment. We recognise the importance of being involved in IR 4.0 and I am thrilled to witness that the students here today are equipped with the skill sets needed for the future.

“This showcase is a worthy example of how higher education institutions should embrace, adapt, lead, and prepare our future graduates for the shifting employment landscape,” shared Jenifer.

Some of the projects featured at the showcase included the “Kinabalu Pink Ribbon Run”, where students fundraised RM8,000 to improve the lives of breast cancer patients; the “Power of Ten”, which saw students successfully raising RM3,200 to build a new wing in Hospital Keningau’s Dialysis Center; “Are you Responsible? Old Tyre and Used Battery”, which saw students recycling tyre straps and water to generate electricity; and “Unite for Vision”, a fundraising event organised by INTI students that saw RM3,000.00 raised for the Sabah Society for the Blind.

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