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STAR fears that PSS will encourage more illegals to enter

10th September, 2019


KOTA KINABALU: STAR Sabah has warned that the proposed issuance of the Sabah Temporary Pass (Pas Sementara Sabah (PSS)) by the Ministry of Home Affairs may not address the longstanding illegal immigrants issue, but will only encourage more illegals to come in to take advantage of these passes.

Its president Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan said the proposal has raised more questions and caused alarm among the people of Sabah.

He was responding to the recent announcement by the Home Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin that the issuance of the said pass would ease monitoring and enforcement activities on foreigners in the state. He claimed that enforcement officers faced difficulties in enforcing the law because of the different types of documents held by the foreigners.

Dr Jeffrey who is also the MP for Keningau cum Tambunan assemblyman especially demanded to know how will the exercise solves the decades old problem of PTIs (illegal immigrants) in Sabah.

“Firstly, what is the legal and constitutional status of the PSS and the would-be holders of such a document?”

“What they don’t tell us is that the number of IMM13, census certificates and Kad Burung-Burung may be as high as 400,000 to 700,000. If the PSS is to resolve the problem of the three categories of ‘inland foreigners’, what about the illegal immigrants (PTIs)? And in what way will this resolve their foreign presence here?” he questioned.

He contended that if the PSS is temporary why is it renewable every three years and not annually.

Reminding that Malaysians from other states are subject to three months passes, he thus questioned why are these foreigners treated more favourably?

“How many times can this PSS be renewed? Is it meant to be renewed indefinitely? It has also not been clarified what mechanism will the government use to prevent abuses of the issuance of this PSS,” he queried.

Dr Jeffrey reiterated that if the PSS is only to replace the documents of the 600,000 inland foreigners without moving them out first and then processing them in accordance with established immigration laws, the whole exercise will only perpetuate the problem instead of solving it.

He also demanded to know what will be the final solution to all these.

“What strategic plan does the government have in hand so that one day soon the whole PTI and inland foreigner problems are solved once and for all? What about their welfare? What about the security threats posed by them especially when the Philippines government is still claiming Sabah as its territory?” he questioned.

He further stressed that the government needs to show its sincerity in wanting to solve the problem once and for all by coming out with a clear workable solution to be implemented with a non-nonsense political will by enforcing the laws, to protect our sovereignty.

“Or is the government only playing with time, terminologies, and vague technical steps just to prolong the problem and eventually drown the indigenous peoples of Sabah under the majority power of the new immigrants? As of now the people of Sabah smell a rat in the whole scheme that seems to smack of being part of a grand design,” he said.

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