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‘Explore Sabah’s multiracial arts, cultural industry’

25th April, 2019


SEMPORNA: Sabah encourages efforts to explore the multiracial arts and cultural industry to generate revenue that can contribute to the State’s economic growth.

Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Jaujan Sambakong said developing the state should not only rely solely on natural resources but also Sabah’s unique art and culture.

According to him, Sabah has 47 ethnic groups with their unique cultures that can attract visitors and tourists to the state which can generate various other economies.

“I hope that the diversity of cultures in Sabah is explored and recorded so that the public can appreciate and refer to on the uniqueness of culture in Sabah,” he said.

Jaujan who is also Sabah Local Government and Housing Minister said this after officiating the Regatta Lepa International Igal Festival, at the Semporna Community Hall, here on Tuesday night.

He said people with talent in the field of writing could generate income from their research on the subject without relying on job opportunities in the civil service.

“Opportunities are abundance for young people who have education but have no work to generate income by publishing cultural-related books in Sabah,” Jaujan added.

“I noticed that there are not many cultural-related books in Sabah, if those who are interested but do not have the funds, I will personally provide allocation for them to write the books,” he said.

Igal Festival was among the activities organized in conjunction with the 2019 Regatta Lepa which featured the uniqueness of the cultural dance of the Bajau community

This year’s Igal festival is participated by the Philippines, Indonesia as an effort to promote the various types of Igal dance among the Bajau community in Semporna.

Meanwhile, Jaujan, who is also Sulabayan Assemblyman, said the involvement of the younger generation in this dance should be commended as they would help in preserving and maintaining their culture and heritage.

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