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MTDC plans to open I4.0 hub in Sabah

23rd April, 2019


KOTA KINABALU: The Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) has announced that they will collaborate with local agencies for the Industry 4.0 (I4.0) initiatives.

“We have identified Kinabalu Coders (KC) as our strategic partner and are planning to open our own I4.0 hub here in Sabah. MTDC would like to work with these companies to explore more opportunities in the 4.0 industry,” MTDC chief executive officer Dato’s Norhalim Yunus disclosed yesterday.

“MTDC would provide advisory services to those who attend their programmes,” he said during the launch of their Road2Growth 2019 programme at a hotel here.

KC which made up of Sabah Programmers and ICT Builders Association are a coalition of leads, organisers and volunteers from tech and maker related communities and local industries.

“KC provides a platform for its members to engage with each other, make technology accessible, share knowledge and collaborate on projects, and reach out to like-minded individuals and organisations all across Sabah,” he added. MTDC continues their tour to Sabah region after Penang, Johor Bahru and Kuatan as they plan to open Industry 4.0 hub in Sabah.

“This is an extension to our funding services on top of the value-added services that we provided such as mentoring, technical advisory, finance assistance, branding and marketing strategies, soft-landing, networking, incubator and accelerator programme,” Norhalim said.

The pitching sessions during the programme here will be an opportunity for the participants to present their innovative ideas and to evolve their products to be 14.0 ready, he said.

He added the annual programme provided a platform for entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises to secure funding for commercialisation of indigenous technology and innovation and MTDC’s incubator facilities and training programmes.

“This is also a platform for technopreneurs and entrepreneurs in Sabah region to gain valuable information on the funding for commercialisation of indigenous technology and innovation and services that are available from MTDC,” Norhalim said.

During the programme here, they also conducted mini technology transfer and commercialisation workshop, mini business accelerator workshop and technology-based product pitching 14.0 workshop.

SME Bank, Malaysian Industrial Development Finance Berhad and Credit Guarantee Corporation are their partners to provide the financial assistance.

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