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Police arrest two men, seize homemade airgun

The two homemade airguns seized by the police from two men in Kampung Serudong Baru.

18th April, 2019


TAWAU: Police arrested two locals and seized two homemade airguns at Kampung Serudong Baru near here on April 15.

Acting OCPD Supt Nor Azizulkifli Mansor said the suspects between 28 and 32 were nabbed by a police team from the Crime Prevention and Community Safety Division after they were spotted behaving suspiciously beneath a house at the village.

The homemade airguns were seized from a store at the house following a search conducted. Both men were also tested positive for Methamphetamine or Syabu, Nor Azizul added.

The suspects claimed they used the airguns to protect fruit trees and crops from pests like squirrels but Nor Azizul said this reason was unacceptable because to make and possession such weapons was an offence.

“The airguns which fire ball bearings can endanger the safety of both the users and also the people around them. These are dangerous weapons and required a permit for anyone to either use or keep it,” Nor Azizul said.

The case is being investigated under Section 8(a) of the Arms Act 1960 and Section 15(1)(a) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952, he said.

In a separate incident, a motorcyclist suffered serious injuries including internal bleeding in the head and stomach, after he was rammed by a car which made a sudden turn into SMK Abaka from the opposite direction.

Nor Azizul said 25-year-old Badrul Hisham Roslan was riding the motorcycle from the direction of Tawau town while the Proton Saga BLM from Jalan Merotai.

The car hit the oncoming motorcycle causing the rider to be flung onto the road shoulder. The badly injured motorcyclist was sent to hospital for treatment while the car driver was unharmed, he added. Nor Azizul said the case was probed under Section 43(1)(A) of the Road Transport Act 987.

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