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Grab’s late cancellation policy will not affect majority of users

25th March, 2019


KOTA KINABALU: E-hailing service company, Grab is confident that the vast majority of users will not be affected by the late cancellation policy.

Recently, Grab announced an updated policy to prevent intentional abuse against its platform.

“This is aimed at less than 0.5 per cent of our bookings. This has resulted in a range of questions from our community, and we truly appreciate every piece of feedback.

“However, there have been some misconceptions, but rest assured that the vast majority will not be affected by it,” said Grab.

It noted that the vast majority within their community are honest, respectful users.

Unfortunately, Grab has noticed some repeated patterns of intentional late cancellations and no-shows.

“Therefore, to protect our genuine users, we have to be tough against the small minority of intentional abusers,” it said, adding that Grab will not derive any profits from these fees; instead, all fees go towards compensating affected driver-partners.

Additionally Grab will be fair by being tough against intentional abuse by any party.

“Similar to our passengers, the vast majority of our driver-partners are also honest, respectful and hardworking individuals.

“Today, we already have strict measures in place to take action against unfair cancellations by a minority of driver-partners who give the whole community a bad name. For instance, driver-partners who repeatedly ask passengers to cancel could result in a suspension or even a permanent ban.”

Besides that Grab also puts in place three layers to safeguard users.

“It is true that mistakes are sometimes made. For example, a user may have had a genuine emergency, or was forced to cancel due to no fault of his/her own.

“The first step is through advanced machine learning we are able to monitor real-time data to check for genuine circumstances, such as unforeseen delays in the driver’s arrival.

“Secondly, fees are automatically waived for the first time,” it said.

Thirdly, Grab will keep an open feedback channel via its in-app Help Centre – if a genuine mistake has been made, Grab reimburses the fee within a maximum of two working days.

“Ultimately, our twin goals are to provide safe, affordable transport, while creating more income opportunities.

“We truly believe that the best way to maintain affordable fares is to protect our hardworking drivers’ livelihood against unfair abuse.

“Therefore, we call for our community to stand by this decision, and to continue to give us valuable feedback. As always, we are fully committed to keep improving so that we can provide a strong experience and opportunity for our community,” Grab said.

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