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Fight for honours – Jake

READY … Sabah karate exponents together with SKA President Datuk Jake Jikulin Nointin (standing ninth from left), after the handing over of the state flag ceremony on Wednesday.

22nd March, 2019


KOTA KINABALU: Sabah karate exponents will be put to real test when they go head-to-head with exponents or teams from across the country at the 39th MAKAF National Senior Karate Open Championship 2019, this weekend. The state contingent will be spearheaded by 29 athletes comprising 14 male and 15 female exponents to the championship that will be happening at Stadium MPSJ, Serdang Jaya, Selangor.

They left for the annual competition yesterday.

Sabah Karate Association President Datuk Jake Jikulin Nointin urged the state athletes to give their best shot by insisting that this is the best venue for them to get the chance to don national colours.

“If they want to represent Malaysia, they have to do well in the competition because this a national championship and this is the best venue to make a good impression in order to get selected (the national team),” said Jake.

He said these after handing over the state flag to the state contingent at their training base at the Kota Kinabalu Sports Complex in Likas, near here, late Wednesday.

Jake also reminded the state athletes to show high sportsmanship while maintaining good discipline throughout the tournament.

“We have been doing rather well in the competition for the past years and I hope we do as well this time around,” said Jake.

For the record, Sabah has been able to make a top-three finish overall in the last few years.

This time, they also hope to repeat the same feat while setting a three-gold-medal target, which would equal their last year’s gold-medal haul, if achieved.

Iskhandar Damis is the team manager for the state squad and he is accompanied by three coaches, namely Danny Fredoline, Mohd Azreen and Farlin Fredrick.

The male athletes are Clevelence Carlos (Ind Kata/Team Kata), Josvin Jase (Ind Kata/Team Kata), Mark Kevin Frederick (Team Kata), Stanley Dulian (Kumite -55kg/Team Kumite), Richal Mattan (Kumite -55kg/Team Kumite), Al Nasrin Faisal (Kumite -60kg/Team Kumite), Reyon Handeri @ Hamzah (Kumite -60kg), Arthuric Gideon Jiwin (Kumite -67kg/Team Kumite), Carl Pearson Philip (Kumite -67kg/Team Kumite), Mcroyce Donovan Dagul (Kumite -75kg/Team Kumite), Darren Ryan Rizal (Kumite -84kg), Ronny Roger Sining (Kumite -84kg), Kellyment Kahan (Kumite +84kg/Team Kumite), Rayner Subinon (Kumite +84kg).

The female athletes are Vellcarollyne Agustine (Ind Kata/Kumite -55kg), Juslin Juman (Ind Kata/Team Kata), Audrey Tay (Team Kata), Nur Ayeen Terance (Team Kata), Dayang Nur Izzati Salem (Kumite -50kg), Nurhanna Nadirah Ridzuan (Kumite -50kg), Gwendollyn Gimus (Kumite -55kg), Alviany Yantoni (Kumite -61kg), Amirah Syahirah Azlan (Kumite -61kg/Team Kumite), Ellen Rachel Samuel (Kumite -68kg), Pressy Misty Philip (Kumite -68kg/Team Kumite), Audrey Jaypus (Kumite +68kg/Team Kumite), Nurul Shyakira Ayu Zakaria (Kumite +68kg), Cairola Cheverry Wong Yee Ying (Team Kumite), Maychelle Roger Mool (Team Kumite).

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