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Rose to represent Borneo at Mrs Queen World Pageant

20th March, 2019


KOTA KINABALU: Part time marketing personnel Rujilin Rose David will be representing Borneo at the 2nd edition of the Mrs Queen of the World Pageant hold in India next month.

The 45-year-old beauty from Kampung Nagapas, Papar will be heading to Bangalore City together with four other aspiring hopefuls from Sabah.

The mother of four who works part time in a local lifestyle magazine earned her ticket after winning the local selection of Mrs Queen of the World title organised by Boutique Seri Andaman last year.

“I made a comeback to the beauty pageant scene when the organisers approached me after I took a long break. My first experience was joining the Mrs Sabah 2006,” Rujilin said.

During those early days, the people still unable to accept and frowned at married women taking part in the beauty pageant, so she decided to take a long rest.

However, she is facing some financial constraint to compete in the coming pageant.

“I am looking for financial support from the government or private sector to help me bear the costs for travelling to Bangalore City.

“I need at least RM15,000 for the trip. I hope to get the generous sponsorship to realise my dream as I will be promoting Malaysia in general and Borneo in particular.

“In return, I would become the ambassadress to represent the company or individual that have sponsored me to help promote their brands,” she appealled.

She said the pageant is not merely about beauty but also exposing our country and the places of interest to the audiences and fellow international contestants.

“My husband has encouraged me to take part in the pageant. He is a musician playing for the Rabadab band at the Waterfront in downtown Kota Kinabalu.

“I have four children with ages from 25 to seven years old. They are very happy and proud to support me.

“In fact, my oldest son has passed away in a freak road accident. He was my inspiration because when he was alive, he would always make a crown for me and place it on my head,” Rujilin disclosed. Since she will be representing Malaysia, she will be wearing the baju kebaya nyonya and the national costumes based on the puteri perak.

“We have discussed among ourselves which costumes to wear among us. So my other fellow Sabahans will be wearing the Kadazan and Lundayeh costumes.”

The contest will be divided into talent show, national costumes, traditional costumes, evening gowns, question and answer, and advocacy.

The titles in the offing are Mrs Queen of the Globe, Mrs Queen of the World, Mrs Queen of Angel and Mrs Queen of International.

There will also be subsidiary titles – Mrs Queen of Peace, Mrs Photogenic, Mrs Popular, among others up for grabs, she added.

The pageant was founded by Alex Xavier and started in Myanmar last year. The coming contest will features Malaysia, Borneo, India, Myanmar, the Philippines and Thailand.

“During my single days, I never take part in any beauty contest, let along the unduk ngadau. It was during my time working in the hotel industry that I was exposed to the catwalk during the annual staff dinner,” she shares.

Through the encouragement from friends and family, she entered the Mrs Sabah contest for the first time and finished in the top five and also got the Mrs Talented subsidiary title. With her confidence growing, she continued to try her luck and reached the top 15 of the Mrs Borneo Queen and secured the first runner-up in the Mrs Queen of Elegant.

“I learnt along the way to improve my shortcomings and accept feedback from the critics to polish up my weaknesses.

“It could probably due to the way I dressed up, my communication skills and hairdo, I look at every angle and I ask my husband what is wrong, he is very transparent,” Rujilin stated.

“Now, I notice the people are beginning to break away from the stereotype and starting to accept that married women should also maintain their beauty.

“I told my critics the pageant is about promoting courage and empowering the married women to keep themselves in good shape and health.

“Because the true beauty of women lies after they gave birth to their first child,” she asserted.

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