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Top student uses YouTube as ‘second teacher’

15th March, 2019


KOTA KINABALU: While most students spend hours on books to attain flying colours in examinations, 18 year-old Carolina Lee Pei Qian utilised online video platform, YouTube, as an alternative for her studies.

The 10A+ 2018 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) achiever from SMK St. Patrick Tawau said her studying schedule included at least three hours of revision every day.

In between textbooks and exercise books, she would turn to YouTube and search for tutorial videos on problem-solving questions.

“I prefer doing my own research on things that I don’t know and I did a lot of exercise on past year exam papers, studying the answer of the questions.

“Alternatively, I would look for the answers on YouTube…I gained a lot from the website especially for subjects such as Additional Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

“I would watch videos on how to solve the questions…it has become my second teacher which I can go to, to understand more about the subjects,” she said when met at the 2018 SPM results announcement ceremony here yesterday.

The girl who likes music and playing the piano was the best student for 2018 SPM in Sabah for candidates taking 10 subjects.

According to the only child of the family, the journey was challenging yet nothing was impossible with strong motivation and sheer determination.

The Tawau-born teenager asserted that her future plan include studying overseas to pursue her ambition to become a pharmacist.

“I’m planning to take A-levels after this and further my studies in Australia.

“I initially wanted to become a doctor but changed my mind to become a pharmacist instead; I want to help and treat as many people as I can,” she enthused.

Meanwhile, Mohd Danish Iskandar Amran who attained 9A+, 2A wanted to pursue computer science and become a software engineer specialising in Artificial Intelligence.

The former science stream student of SMK Agama Kota Kinabalu is eyeing on public higher education institutions, Universiti Malaya (UM) and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) to further his studies.

When asked about his studying routines, the second of four siblings said he focused in class and did daily revisions apart from maintaining religious practices and good relationships with teachers, parents and friends.

“Don’t sleep in class…if you lose focus, close your book, take some time out of class for a while and take deep breaths.

“I was once a shy person but after entering Form 3, I started to push myself and seek help from teachers, and that has helped a lot,” he said.

The 11A 2016 Form 3 Assessment achiever added that education should be prioritised in today’s world due to the rising demand in education quality.

“It might be hard to look for jobs if people stop at SPM…if possible, I think it is better to study further since employment nowadays demand higher qualifications,” he said.

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