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Sabah chalks up best STPM record yet

12th March, 2019


BEAUFORT: Sabah has attained its best Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) record with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.69 in the 2018 examination.

It marked an increase of 0.03 compared to 2.66 in 2017.

Sabah Education Director Mistirine Radin said a total of 6,705 candidates (98.79 per cent) attained full passes which was a 0.24 per cent increase from 6,515 candidates (98.55 per cent) in 2017.

Last year’s examination which was held at 99 centres across Sabah saw 6,787 candidates, an addition of 176 candidates from 6,611 in 2017.

Speaking during the STPM announcement here Monday, she noted that the State’s CGPA recorded a 0.17 gap with the national CGPA of 2.86.

Out of 24 district education offices (PPD) in Sabah, she said 14 managed to attain the State’s CGPA with Kunak PPD achieving 2.99, exceeding the national CGPA.

“The number of candidates attaining 5P’s in 2018 increased to 282 (4.16 per cent) compared to 217 (3.28 per cent) in 2017 while students who scored 4P’s escalated from 4,344 (65.71 per cent) in 2017 to 4,556 (67.17 per cent) last year.

“Overall, the passing percentage increased from 98.55 per cent to 98.79 per cent and while one student failed in 2017, no candidate failed in last year’s STPM,” she said.

She added that improvements in performance were also seen in 12 subjects out of 21 offered.

They were Pengajian Am with 88.48 per cent passes, Bahasa Melayu (89.00), Bahasa Cina (84.62), Syariah (95.00), Usuluddin (93.27), Geography (86.91), Pengajian Perniagaan (82.02), Mathematics (48.43), ICT (95.59), Physics (69.73) Chemistry (68.13), and Visual Arts (98.05).

Out of 99 schools, 61 attained a 100 per cent passes, an increase from 59 schools in 2017.

Under Category 1 (1-49 candidates), 28 schools achieved the 100 per cent passes including SMK Merotai Besar, SMK Kunak Jaya, SMK Usukan, SMK Kota Klias, SMK Gadong, SMK Agama Mohd Ali, SMKA Kota Kinabalu, SMK Kunak, SMK Segama, SMK Pekan Kuala Penyu, SMK Umas Umas, SMK Madai Kunak, SMK Kuala Penyu, and SMK Agama Tun Sakaran.

The rest were SMK Batu Sapi, SMK Benoni, SMK Menumbok, SMK Bum Bum, SMK Membakut II, SMK Tungku, SMK Desa Kencana, SMK Kinarut, SMK Ken Hwa, SMK Kudat II, SMK Ranau, SMK Weston, SM Lok Yuk Likas, and SMK Penangah.

Under Category 2 (50-99 candidates), a total of 23 schools achieved 100 per cent passes namely SMK Tamparuli, SMK Sandakan II, KK High School, SMK Abdul Rahim, SMK Majakir, SMK Balung, SMK Agaseh, SMK Kundasang, SMK Pg. Omar, SMKA Limauan, SMK Tagasan, SMK Beluran, SMK Pekan Kota Belud, SM La Salle, SMK Badin, SMK Kinabutan, SMK Arshad, SMK Sook, SMK Beaufort, SMK Takis, SMK Limbanak, SMK Tandek, and SMK Keningau.

Meanwhile, the schools that attained 100 per cent passes under Category 3 (100 and above candidates) were SMK Bugaya, SMK Elopura Bestari, SMK Elopura II, SMK Sepagaya, SMK Lohan, KK Form 6 College (B), KK Form 6 College (A), SMK Kota Marudu, Tawau Form 6 College (A), and Tawau Form 6 College©.

According to Mistirine, 27 exam centres in urban areas attained passing rate of 99.20 per cent while 72 rural centres achieved 98.63 per cent.

“This proved that the passing gap between urban and rural schools have become smaller which was only 0.57 per cent last year compared to 2.15 per cent in 2017.

“The introduction of three Form 6 centres – in Kota Kinabalu, Tawau and Sandakan – may also influenced the improvement in 2018 STPM examination.

“Apart from that, I also assume that teachers now have adapted better to the modular STPM or semester system which allows students to repeat their papers in the following semester in order to improve their results,” she said. She added that a total of 51 candidates achieved 4.00 CGPA last year, which escalated from only 39 candidates in 2017.

To this, she commended teachers who worked tirelessly to educate students across Sabah apart from parents who provided continuous support to their children.

Also present yesterday was Education Deputy Director Datuk Dr. Mohd. Kassim Mohd. Ibrahim.

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