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Performing arts: More opportunities, platforms needed to showcase young Sabahans

14th January, 2019


KOTA KINABALU: There is a need to provide more opportunities and platforms for young Sabahans to showcase their talents in performing arts.

Deputy Chief Minister cum Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Christina Liew in making the call said there are lots of hidden and unexposed performing arts talents in Sabah, be it in music, dance, theatre and so on.

“I hope through this experience tonight, you will broaden your perception about performing arts, which can be viewed as a healthy and positive social activity,” Liew said during the ‘Borneo Night’ premiere show at Kota Kinabalu community hall on Saturday.

The Borneo Night is the first drama performance about Borneo’s culture and history is providing entertainment to spread joy and laughter to the audiences, she said.

“It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and most of all courage to perform in front of an audience. Hence, parents should encourage their children to take up performing arts especially from a young age to mould a positive character and build confidence,” Liew advised.

She congratulated the founder of the theatre show – Ken Wom, a Sabahan, for achieving a new milestone with the unique event which can be used to promote local art.

“I hope more of such events can be organised in the future to raise the standard of performing arts industry to boost the tourism sector in Sabah,” Liew said.

Wom announced they will be giving one-week free admission to the audiences starting from 13 to 20 Jan.

“All they needed to do just click liked and shared our page, then inbox us to claim the free ticket which is for the first show only at 5pm-6.30pm,” he said.

The second show starts at 7.30pm-9pm and both shows are available daily. The ticket is priced at RM180 for adult Malaysian, age five to 12 is RM130. Non-Malaysian is RM200 (adult) and RM150 (five to 12). Free for below four.

The ticket price inclusive of buffet dinner and gift pack. The one-and-half-hour show highlights Sabah’s indigenous groups, British colonisation, Japanese invasion and occupation, allied liberation and independence. There will be 26 tables available with each can sit 12 people.

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