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Water rate: No increase


11th January, 2019


KOTA BELUD: Water rates in Sabah will not be increased as the Water Department focuses on improving its supply throughout the state.

Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal said that although other states including Penang are increasing their water rates, Sabah has no such plans.

“We have no plan to increase the rate. Our priority is to restructure our water management to eliminate leakages to ensure the department can collect revenue.

“First we must ensure that the water supply is sufficient and we have taken several steps and approaches to achieve that and to extend the service to villages that have not received it,” he told reporters at the Kadamaian Christmas and New Year open house at Kampung Taginambur here yesterday.

When asked about the termination of road maintenance concessions, he said that the government has terminated a few concessionaires last year and is looking into terminating the others based on the existing laws.

He said that such action is timely as the road condition in the state is bad and not maintained properly.

“The time has come for us to take new approach to maintain the roads, we need to improve it because under the current practice, they just fill up the potholes. Road repairs should last years not months.

“Just like the Water Department who terminated the outsourcing contracts, for roads we leave it to the Public Works Department (PWD) because we know they have limited capacity so we must look into it carefully because we want the roads to be improved and we are paying hefty sums for it,” he said.

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