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Implementing Rubberised Road Technology pilot project

9th November, 2018


KOTA BELUD: Sabah Rural Development Minister Datuk Ewon Benedick assured that part of the Federal 2019 Budget amounting to RM100 million would be used to implement the Rubberised Road Technology to improve the road here in Sabah.

As a pilot project, its ministry would use the rubberised road technology to upgrade the two-kilometer road at Kampung Tambulaung-Podos Kota Belud in the Kadamaian State Legislative Assembly (DUN) Area.

“In the Federal Budget 2019, around RM100 million has been allocated for the rubberized road. Therefore, we will ensure that Sabah would also be given some of the provisions which I have fought for consistently on this matter.

“After the implementation of this pilot project, I hope to chair the policy-making for the Sabah Government to adopt this technology in the upgrading road projects so that not only these needs can be solved, but it can also create demand for the country’s rubber raw materials in the road construction industry and increase rubber prices,” he said.

He said this after chairing the “Rubberised Road Technology” Pilot Project Working Committee Meeting at Kota Belud District Office here, on Thursday.

Also present were Head of Malaysian Rubber Board Product and Engineering Development Unit (LGM) Dr. Nazirah Ahmad, and Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) Faculty of Engineering Senior Lecturer Dr. Lilian Gungat. The meeting aimed to study the details on the technical data, its feasibility, the cost of technology transfer and the implementation of this pilot project.

“The pilot project would be using a modified Bitumen Cup Lumps (CMB), which is a mixture of bitumen with rubber scrap to upgrade the rural roads.

“This is the first road in Sabah to use technology from LGM research findings and most of the costs will be funded by LGM,” he said.

After the meeting, Ewon and the committee visited the site along the proposed highway and the quarry site for the pilot project CMB Rubberised Road Technology in Kadamaian.

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