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Upmarket housing project in Putatan

9th March, 2009

KOTA KINABALU: After six successful property projects, LT Alliance Development Sdn Bhd is set to unleash yet another housing project at the fast developing district of Putatan.

Its managing director, Low Poke Leong is confident of receiving positive response to the posh housing project dubbed Ceriamas 118 Phase Three not only because of its strategic location but also its attractive design and affordable pricing.

The Ceriamas 118 Phase Three project comes with 56 units of houses which are equipped with a sizeable Jacuzzi at their master suite on the third floor, and balconies for every room.

Each unit is also installed with a water filter outside the house to ensure clean water supply to its owner all the time, he said.

“What we are selling at the Ceriamas 118 Phase Three project is a new modern lifestyle concept. We will be incorporating contemporary Balinese interior and modern style living in our show houses which will be ready within the next two to three months,” he said.

He added that despite the expensive price tag of the houses at RM600,000 onwards, he felt that it was still cheap compared to similar housing projects within the confines of the city.

“The size of our master suite alone is 945 sq ft. An apartment this size can easily be sold for more than RM200,000 while a condominium will fetch more than RM300,000,” he said.

The net built-up area of each unit is about 3,014 sq ft.

He considered the property an attractive investment for property hunters in the State as well as from abroad.

“Of course, we are offering very attractive prices for the early birds. Once the property is completed, we estimate an appreciation in the price of each unit of between 15 per cent and 20 per cent. So they can easily make profit if they sell their units later,” he said.

LT Alliance Development Sdn Bhd is the developer of LT Jaya, Adamas 118 Villa, Bayumas 118, Ceriamas 118 Phase One and Phase Two and Damas 118.

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