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Scheme aimed at lowering rate of hardcore poor

12th September, 2018


TAMBUNAN: Kaingaran Mini Estet Sejahtera (MESEJ) Scheme which is equipped with a variety of basic amenities will be MESEJ’s development plan in this state, said Sabah Rural Development Minister Ewon Benedick.

He said that the MESEJ participants in the area would not only be provided with houses equipped with power supply and gravity water, but also other social amenities.

“I am very satisfied with the improvement made by Kaingaran MESEJ. When I look at the facilities in this area, I can say that it is a MESEJ’s development model that we can bring to other areas,” he said after visiting Kaingaran MESEJ recently.

Kaingaran MESEJ Scheme at 300 acres has 33 MESEJ houses, equipped with a multipurpose hall that is prepared with power supply, water, kitchen, office, and toilet.

Another facility of MESEJ is an 8.9-kilometre asphalt road from Tambunan town to MESEJ, concrete roads heading to houses, and spacious house compound for planting.

Kaingaran Mesej has 33 participants comprising Ketua Isi Rumah Miskin Tegar (KIRMT) in Tambunan area.

Speaking of the performance of 52 other MESEJs around Sabah, Ewon who is also Kadamaian Assemblyman said, some of the MESEJs are developing and some are still in the process of selecting and filtering of participants.

“We can give dividend to some MESEJs like Keningau Palm MESEJ and several other MESEJs in different districts. But in Tambunan, they are just beginning to rubber-tap and will be enjoying the same dividend in the coming year,” he disclosed.

Ewon also wants the rural poverty eradication programme in this state, especially MESEJ to be value added in increasing its effectiveness in lowering the rate of the hardcore poor.

He mentioned that it is important in ensuring that the poor insight of the government could be released in line with the people’s aspiration and desire.

Meanwhile, Sabah Industry Board (LIGS) Regional Officer Alexius Madiun said, Kaingaran Rubber MESEJ is one of the 17 Rubber MESEJs in Sabah.

“This (Rubber MESEJ) aims to eradicate poverty and is a planned project by the government to help increase the income of the chosen villagers because this area is not only provided with comfortable houses, but also other basic amenities like power and water supply, asphalt roads, and a hall,” he stated.

He mentioned that although the rubber plantation in that area is able to be tapped, not all can be tapped at the same time due to uneven tree growth.

Kaingaran MESEJ Scheme Chairman of the Resident Community Peter Angal expressed his gratitude towards the government for providing Rubber MESEJ in that area.

“Just after the lot division process and works of rubber-tapping begins, all of the participants here will start obtaining outcomes and this is good news for us. Kaingaran MESEJ coordinated by LIGS is the best aid we received from the government.”

“We hope that what the government has provided to us will change our living standard. We promise that we will really work on this area to improve our family’s standard of living and economy,” he explained.

He said having a Farm MESEJ proves that the government never forgets the hardcore poor people in rural areas.

”While waiting for the rubber trees to ripen, most of the participants are working on other agriculture activities like ginger-planting and some also try to breed swiftlet birds. All of these are the joint efforts with the Agriculture Department,” he added, also thanking Ewon for visiting the area.

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