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MERCY calls for non-medical volunteers

7th September, 2018

KOTA KINABALU: MERCY Malaysia Sabah Chapter is calling for more non-medical individuals to join its troupe of volunteers.

In its drive towards volunteer base and functionality expansion, the NGO which mainly focuses on providing healthcare service hopes to benefit more Sabahans through the participation of individuals of various skills and profession.

MERCY Sabah Chapter Chairman Dr. Anbarasu Ramalingam said aside from its continuous medical service to rural communities, the NGO is also looking into exploring other approaches for the community.

This includes the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) project in which its volunteers set up gravity water system in remote villages to provide clean water for the community.

“So far we have projects mainly in Kota Belud for WASH visiting (where) we set up gravity water for the villagers.

“We have successfully supplied them with free gravity water but in the future we hope to expand it more; we’re looking at rivers and solar power projects.

“Therefore we’re encouraging any individuals with specific skills, such as in engineering or those with experience in setting up watering system or solar power to join us because we need your skills to empower our efforts,” he said.

He added that although medical care remains as MERCY Malaysia Sabah Chapter’s main focus, the team is looking to expand its works, eyeing on disaster reduction and response mechanism projects.

Committed to serving the community, the chapter seeks to adopt holistic approach attributing to the community’s health which comprises nutrition, medication and standard of life among others, involving both children and adults.

“Besides health screening, we want to do socioeconomic support where we help and guide villagers to do agriculture so they can provide nutritional food and good mental development to the children in which it would subsequently enable them to perform in education and so on,” he said.

However, all the aspirations, he said, require funding.

Dr. Anba was speaking to reporters during the Salt Trail Challenge 2018 press conference here recently. The annual event, he said was among MERCY Malaysia Sabah Chapter’s initiatives to raise fund.

Participants interested in joining the challenge along the historical Salt Trail at Crocker Range Park could simply pay the fee of RM200 (16km), RM300 (25km) or take part in charity by earning donation through the Donation Card. It is scheduled on Oct 27; closing date for registration is on Sept 28.

The donation drive, he said, would not only provide people with charitable experience but more importantly, bring huge significance to the lives of the people.

“Besides racing and experiencing the trail, they are actually contributing RM300 for the need of rural population and they are actually carving a smile on some of the community and that is a meaningful experience.

“This is the strong message which we are pledging; we hope that sponsors, industries, Sabah-based entrepreneurs – because we know the spirit of Sabah and its people – would come forward and give us your full support.

“All of these are for the benefit of Sabahans,” pleaded Dr. Alba.

MERCY Malaysia Sabah Chapter has more than 500 signed-up volunteers but due to the rapid movement and the need of medical personnel, its active volunteers are less than 200 individuals.

Since its establishment in 2003, the chapter has conducted more than 100 mobile outreach clinics as well as Disaster Relief Reduction projects throughout the State.

For Salt Trail Challenge 2018 registrations or further enquiries, kindly contact MERCY Malaysia Sabah Chapter’s officer at 088-272667 or 016-8400208 (Ivy) or 019-3116182 (Edna).

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