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Jannie appeals for more appointed women

7th September, 2018


KOTA KINABALU: Assistant Minister of Law and Native Affairs Jannie Lasimbang has appealed to leaders to put women in more appointments including as village heads.

She said the gender inclusion is a move forward as women are also capable in fulfilling the task for such positions, only that they were traditionally taken by men.

“I have actually raised (the issue) regarding the village heads which are traditional roles taken by men; we have to move out from there.

“I again appeal to all the ADUN (assemblymen) who are going to look into the suggestion for appointment for upcoming ketua kampong that they actually come up with women as village heads,” she said.

More should be done for women, stressed Jannie, including child care facilities and different ministries need to work together to empower women.

She added that the Law and Native Affairs Ministry is ready to give training to women who will be appointed as village heads.

“Think about the WKAN (Native Chief Representatives) – they are worried about women not having experience (but) the WKAN actually do not have a role in court so there can be a lot of learning for women there, they can give their opinions for the WKAN.

“These are upcoming appointments and they’re in the hands of the assemblymen, leaders in their respective constituencies, so once again I want to appeal to the leaders to put women.

“It’s not that women do not know about customs, they do, it’s just that these positions have been traditionally occupied by men; we need to give women that space,” she said to reporters after the Sabah Women Advisory Council (MPWS) Conference on Gender Inclusiveness and Equality here yesterday.

Also present were Minister of Health and People’s Wellbeing Stephen Wong and MPWS chairperson Datuk Dr. Tarsiah TZ Taman.

Meanwhile, Stephen urged women to be more bold and confident in order to fight for their rights and gain more opportunities.

He asserted that women are often humble and shy away from opportunities given to them resulting in loss of chances to move forward.

“In Sandakan, I want to give the councilor (position) to some of the ladies that are capable but they are shy, they have no confidence.

“I know that sometimes they have the potential and we want to give them (position) as councilor and we recommended them but they shied away and give excuses.

“So things must be two-way, you must be bold and fight for your right and then of course you will get better chance,” he said.

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